Basketball rings and equipment can be found here!

In this category you can find the latest Basketball-Boards and necessary spare parts. In addition to mobile and fillable Basketball-Boards at a professional level, you can find Basketball-Backboards for leisure as well.

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These basketball baskets suit for wall mouting and are made from resistant outdoor-material.

232.97 €
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Delivery time 5 days

Product no.: 7340

High-quality training-basketball "Turnier" in official tournament-size (size 7) and weight for indoor- and street-games.

9.70 *

Delivery time 3 days

Product no.: 3980

Training basketball board without feet for fun, leisure and entertainment, board measure 91x61cm.

86.76 €
77.01 *
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Product no.: 7440

With this basketball-set for wall assambly every wall becomes a court. DIN EN-1270 certified.

213.48 *

Delivery time 5 days

The Imply I-Jump Street is a basketball slot-machine and provides fun and intense duells. Suits perfect for your video hall.

4,669.24 *

Delivery time 60 days

The protable basket for basketball guarantee a firm stance and can be moven affortless at the same time.

262.22 €
242.72 *
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Delivery time 7 days

This inground basketball basket is height-adjustable and provides a perfect stance due to the special ground-anchors.

340.20 €
310.96 *
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Delivery time 7 days

The basketball arcade game by WIK suits perfect for gambling halls or club-houses. It is avaialable in two sizes.

4,190.62 €
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Delivery time 14 days

Product no.: 10940

The Basketball game Double Shot suits for children and is recreated after the know basketball-machines.

359.70 €
330.45 *
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Delivery time 7 days

The Spalding basketballs suit, depending on the model, for either in- or outdoor-utilization.

42.79 *

Delivery time 3 days

The new portable basketball baskets Lifetime suit for either schools or private utilization.

135.50 €
125.75 *
You save 7 %

Delivery time 7 days

Product no.: 11000

The Basketball basket Lifetime Rookie is a beginners model and suits for attachment on walls or posts.

71.06 €
58.39 *
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Delivery time 7 days

Product no.: 11010

The Basketball basket Hot Shot with weather-proof acrylic-board and a very durable steel-ring.

242.72 *

Delivery time 7 days

Product no.: 12670

The portable Basketball stand by BEX can be height-adjusted affortlessly and is available in two options.

320.71 *
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