Pool Tables

Pool Tables

Pool Tables

Pool tables for beginners or professional-players

We offer a great range of billard tables incl. buildup service and advice. Next to indoor tables for leisure use we offer an exclusive outdoor table and models with less required space.

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Find out more about our new low cost Chicago pool table model for the whole family, it is available in two different designs.

Delivery time 5 days

RRP 299.00 € 269.00 *
You save 10 %

Product no.: 4640

Pool is becoming more popular as a leisure activity - this handy mini pool table is ideal for young and old!

Delivery time 4 days

RRP 89.00 € 69.00 *
You save 22 %

Product no.: 4660

This standing pool table model Kiddy-Fun 95 will definitely be the highlight of your home or of your garden.

Delivery time 3 days

RRP 109.00 € 82.00 *
You save 25 %

Product no.: 6280

Due to its sturdy construction the billiardtable Orion XT offers great playability for a game in between.

Delivery time 7 days

RRP 179.95 € 154.95 *
You save 14 %

The pool table Buffalo Hustler Rookie is the perfect gift and suits perfectly into every modern nursery.

Delivery time 7 days

RRP 239.00 € 229.00 *
You save 4 %

Product no.: 8720

The noble pool table Buffalo Rosewood is a leisure-time pool table and suits very good into your break-room or your office.

RRP 489.00 € 459.00 *
You save 6 %

The 6ft. pool table Buffalo Challenger suits very good into your leisure room and provides a good playing experience.

Delivery time 10 days

449.00 *

The foldable pool table London model is a very attractive and practical pool table for the whole family.


Delivery time 5 days

RRP 599.00 € 569.00 *
You save 5 %

Sedona is the absolute highlight in terms of appearance and quality - the beautiful table makes it an eye-catcher.

Delivery time 7 days

RRP 699.00 € 649.00 *
You save 7 %

Product no.: 8710

The modern pool table Buffalo Shark fits into every leisure room and provides good toughness.

Delivery time 7 days

RRP 699.00 € 579.00 *
You save 17 %



Due to its appearence, the design pool table Diagonal by RS Barcelona suits perfect in every living room and office.

Delivery time 21 days

8,790.00 *

The René Pierre Pool Table Steel breaks the rules of tradition and convinces with a fresh design as well as stable steel legs.

Delivery time 30 days

2,290.00 *
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1 - 12 of 59 results