Playfield parts

Playfield parts

Playfield parts

Playfield-parts as well as complete upper parts for foosball tables

Playing-fields, complete corpus or superimposed banks and edges can be found here. All spare parts suit for either do-it-yourself foosball tables or as replacement for a broken part.

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The original Leonhart foosball playfield made out of MDF. Comes with seamless lifted corners and a resopal coating.

Delivery time 5 days

211.34 € *

Product no.: 2630

Original Lettner Coupe playing-surface with seemlesly raised corners and a melamin-coating.

200.00 € *

Product no.: 2620

Original Lettner foosball-playing-surface made from MDF, with seamlessly-raised corners and melamin-coating.

200.00 € *

Product no.: 5200

The plastic goal by Leonhart suits perfect for their tournament tables and is delivered incl. screws.

can be shipped within 5 days

22.95 € *

Product no.: 8940

Playfield-foil with soccer-playfield-motiv for foosball tables with a glas-playfield. This foil is laid underneath the glas-playfield.

Delivery time 1 days

9.95 € *

Product no.: 8950

The original Lettner HPL playfield-coating can be assambled onto a already existent playing-surface.

48.50 € *

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