Foosball tools for player and table can be found in this category

In this category you will find all necessary products to lubricate the rods of your foosball table or to gain a better grip. You will also find rodlocks for the practice sessions and foosball table covers for the in- and outdoor models.

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The RS Barcelona wall arm is a nice decorative element for foosball fans which can also be used as a wardrobe.

45.00 € *

The RS Barcelona wardrobe is a nice decorative element for foosball fans which can be used for clothes and decoration.

129.90 € *

Product no.: 8740

The Contus Rapid Pur foosball rod oil minimizes the wear on the bearing and can be oiled very exact.

Delivery time 2 days

2.95 € *

The Contus rod lock is the perfect training-tool, since one can easily fix the opponent figures and train passes as well as shots.

9.35 € *

Product no.: 7090

This cover suits for all foosball tables with tournament measures and protects them from weather-influences.

36.50 € *

Product no.: 5090

The practical, additional protection for all outdoor football tables is resistant to all weather conditions.


Delivery time 3 days

39.95 € *

Product no.: 9000

The Soccerspeed lubricant was developed especially for foosball rods and is used to oil the rods.

Delivery time 1 days

4.95 € *

Product no.: 9010

This indoor cover for foosball tables protects your table reliably from dust, dirt or sunlight.

Delivery time 1 days

9.85 € *

Product no.: 6800

Your order is guaranteed to be delivered at your requested date by our forwarder with this fixed date delivery.

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30.00 € *

Product no.: 4950

This oil is developed especially for Leonhart foosball tables. It is used to lubricate the rods. The bottle is equipped with a sponge-plug.

Delivery time 1 days

5.40 € *

Product no.: 2660

The cotter pin remover is required to free the handle and the figures of the Tornado tables of the cotter pins when changing.

5.89 € *

Product no.: 1950

With the help of this original Tornado bearing key can thebearing of the Tornado foosball-table be set for an optimum performance.

Delivery time 3 days

8.90 € *

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1 - 12 of 14 results