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The top-selling Garlando G-500 Evolution foosball table combines a high-quality home model with elements of the professional class.

Delivery time 7 days

RRP 829.00 € 771.00 € *
You save 7 %

The high-quality foosball tables made by Garlando are available with an individual branding from now on, MOQ 1 piece.

Delivery time 30 days

799.00 € *

This foosball table is made in Germany and is equipped with seamlesly lifted corners. Quality made in Germany.

599.00 € *

The Ullrich Home is the training-table by manufacturer Ullrich Sport. It has a very good price-performance-ratio.

Delivery time 7 days

569.00 € *

The high quality outdoor foosball table with seamlessly pulled corners and soccer-playfield, made in Germany!

829.00 € *

This tournament-table is made in Germany and provides a very high weight (125kg) which brings the needed steadiness.

759.00 € *

The high-quality foosball table by Ullrich Sport with a very good price-performance-ratio.

Delivery time 7 days

769.00 € *

The Lettner Evolution football table whith its nice design is one of the mostly used tournament tables in Germany.

Delivery time 50-60 days

1,890.00 € *

The high quality Leonhart tournament foosball tables with your individual design or company logo.

Delivery time 30-40 days

1,780.00 € *

The Garlando Master Class EVO Indoor is equipped with a glas-cover-plate and a cohesive ball-circular-system.

Delivery time 7 days

RRP 999.00 € 941.00 € *
You save 6 %

Ideal foosball table for restaurants, schools and youth centers, where the coin-operation is required.


Delivery time 5 days

RRP 1,519.00 € 1,461.00 € *
You save 4 %

The ideal football table with coin operating system for pubs, restaurants and youth centers.

Delivery time 21 days

RRP 1,729.00 € 1,671.00 € *
You save 3 %
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1 - 12 of 18 results

Most suitable foosball tables for your company!

Foosball is the perfect oportunity to have a short escape from daily work. No matter if a table for assembly hall or office is needed, the perfekt table is available here. At least one foosball table should be in every company! Due to a hip foosball table you can give your future employee a good reason to join your company. Almost everybody know foosball from bars, fun and distraction from the daily work is guarenteed. Table soccer furthers hand-eye coordination and concentrativeness of the players. Encourage your employees! Open strifes can be solved at a foosball table and team spirit is growing.

The chosen products are very robust and stable to defy enthusiastic matches in your office.

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