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For families

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Product no.: 3860

The massive and multifunctional Garlando Multi-9 includes 9 classic games in one solid table.

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564.40 € 496.17 *
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This tournament-table is made in Germany and provides a very high weight (125kg) which brings the needed steadiness.

Delivery time 3 days

693.00 *

This middle-sized quality football table with good playability is available in three different colors.

Delivery time 5 days

583.90 € 506.89 *
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This foosball table is made in Germany and is equipped with seamlesly lifted corners. Quality made in Germany.

Delivery time 3 days

538.00 *

The space saving football table in medium size with foldable legs offers fun for everybody.

Delivery time 21 days

388.94 € 369.44 *
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Enter the world of professional table football with this solid, qualitative and elegant table.

Delivery time 7 days

575.13 € 480.57 *
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The Ullrich Home is the training-table by manufacturer Ullrich Sport. It has a very good price-performance-ratio.

Delivery time 5 days

486.42 *

Product no.: 8630

The foosball table Terminator II suits very good for children and teenagers and provides a very good price-performance-ratio.

Delivery time 5 days

457.18 € 388.94 *
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The high quality outdoor foosball table with seamlessly pulled corners and soccer-playfield, made in Germany!

Delivery time 3 days

782.00 *

The Garlando G-500 is the top-selling Garlando table due to its absolutely unbeatable price and quality.

Delivery time 7 days

632.64 € 573.18 *
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Product no.: 12780

The foosball table Milano by BEX provides a classic wooden design as well as a good playing-experience.

Delivery time 7 days

447.43 *

The height-adjustable foosball table Ullrich Basic Pro by manufacturer Ullrich Sport suits perfectly for kids.

Delivery time 5 days

388.94 *
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1 - 12 of 135 results

Fun for young and old - Suitable foosball tables for the whole family

Whether its an outdoor model for the garden or an indoor model for living room, a foosball table thrills the whole family. The enthusiasm table soccer catches young as well as old people. Foosball is a perfect parlor game for adults and children. We recommend tables for mature if parents and children want to play together. To bring the kids under 1,20m to the needed height, we suggest a pedestal in front of the table. The stable and robust tables are mainly produced and developed in Germany and provides game fun for many ours daily.

The perfect foosball table for your requirements at home can be found here!