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Ping pong tables

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The foldable Ping-Pong table Big Fun is ideal for children. The plate is 75% of the official competition size.

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Product no.: 6440

The number one hit is ideal for both young and old with its robustness and low space requirement.

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The Crossover series by Cornilleau is made up off high-quality outdoor table tennis plates with a very good price-performance-ratio.

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Product no.: 4380

The weatherproof and rubust tennis table offers a lot of fun or perfect training both indoor and outdoor.

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With this high-quality Ping-Pong cover you can turn your billiard table into an other sport in no time.

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Product no.: 4220

The Bandito Mini-Tabletennis-plate provides fun for children who want to get into the sport of table-tennis.

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The foldable Buffalo Indoor table tennis table in tournament dimensions, ideal for leisure use.

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Product no.: 9150

Mini-table to small? Pro-table to big? The Buffalo 75% Outdoor ping pong table is the perfect solution!

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This corndered ping-pong table is made out of concrete and withstands all weather-conditions. It suits perfect for schools or play-grounds.

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Ping pong table made out of concrete with rounded corners which suits perfect for every play-ground and schoolyard.


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This ping pong table is made out of concrete and enables a lot of persons to play at the same time.

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Product no.: 9140

The Buffalo Nordic Outdoor ping pong table is very steady and for indoor use only.

299.00 *

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1 - 12 of 47 results

From leisure- to tournament-plates - here you find the perfect ping pong table

In the categorie table tennis tables you can find indoor and weatherproof outdoor models for maximum fun, as well as tournament tables. All tables are made in compliance with european safety regulations

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