Spinner roundabout-seesaw

Spinner roundabout-seesaw

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The tournable seesaw for children - perfect for everyone aiming for the stars!

The frame of the Spinner roundabout-seesaw is made from galvanized and power-coated steel which makes the roundabout suitable for a year-long outdoor-utilization. Underneath the high-quality plastic-seats is a spring-element for additional security. The handles are made from steel as well. This seesaw provides not only up-and-down-movements but roundabout-movements in addition to that. The ground-anchors as well as 3 support legs provide a firm stance. If you want to moan your lawn you can easily dismantle the seesaw.

Details of the Spinner roundabout-seesaw:

  • turnable seesaw for children
  • perfect for outdoor-usage
  • plastic-seats
  • ground-anchors
  • 3 support legs for a secure stance


Length: 193cm
Width: 60cm
Height: 72,6cm
Weight: 10kg
Maximum user's weight: 50kg

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