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Airhockey Tables

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Product no.: 3870

The smallest Garlando Air Hockey Ghibli with manual goal counter can be easily placed on any tables and is ready to be played on.

Delivery time 5 days

116.00 € 84.81 *
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Product no.: 3890

The attractive appearance of the Zodiac air hockey table with electronic goal counter consist of its rounded corners and bow shaped legs.

Delivery time 5 days

486.42 € 466.92 *
You save 4 %

The WIK Gameland is an airhockey table which was developed specificly for children and teenagers.

Delivery time 14 days

3,898.18 € 3,207.06 *
You save 18 %

Product no.: 3880

The entry-level Mistral model air hockey table with manual goal counter was made for everbody who wants to play on a higher level.

Delivery time 5 days

96.50 € 86.76 *
You save 10 %

Product no.: 3900

The Stratos airhockey table with professional dimensions, functions and electronic goal counter.

Delivery time 5 days

969.92 € 837.34 *
You save 14 %

Product no.: 12640

The airhockey table Fire vs. Ice by Carromco suits for children and provides exciting color- and light-effects.

Delivery time 3 days

253.40 € 219.33 *
You save 13 %

The BEX airhockey table Coliseum II is equipped with 2 powerfull blower-system for a fluent playing-experience.

Delivery time 10 days

681.38 *

Product no.: 12810

The airhockey table Black Spectrum by BEX is equipped with a powerfull blower-system and suits for children's- and leisure-rooms.

Delivery time 7 days

457.18 *


The high-quality Speedy model with electronic goal counter and coin mech is the king of all Garlando airhockey tables.

Delivery time 30 days

5,067.93 *

Product no.: 12820

The BEX Madison L-Foot airhockey table is a real space-saving-wonder thanks to the foldable leg-construction.

Delivery time 7 days

242.72 *


Product no.: 12830

The BEX airhockey table Shark Black is foldable and suits, due to its small height, very good for children.

Delivery time 7 days

193.98 *

Product no.: 12840

The airhockey table top Buzz by BEX is equipped with a battery-powered blower-system. Perfect for to-go.

Delivery time 7 days

73.11 *

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1 - 12 of 59 results
Airhockey Tables

Our airhockey tables convince with innovative desings and great gameplay

You can find a selection of Air Hockey tables that come with modern design and guarantees great enjoyment for all.