Table legs

Table legs

Table legs

The legs and feet suit perfect for selfmade foosball tables

Whether a selfmade or original foosball table. Find spareparts in this category which provide the needed steadines of your foosball table such as: legs, feed or caps.

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Product no.: 4900

With this height-adjustable foot by manufacturer Lettner a firm stance on every surface is guaranteed.

11.21 *

This metal-foot suits for the Leonhart foosball tables: S4P / Leo.Soccer / LeoTournament / Professional and Sport.

50.69 *

Product no.: 8980

This simple foot-cap made out of rubber suits for all Löwen and Leonhart foosball tables with santed legs.

Delivery time 1 days

1.49 *

Height-adjustable heavy duty foot for foosball tables. Suits for the models Leonhart Soccer as well as DTFB.

Delivery time 1 days

6.29 *
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