Various bumpers and suspensions for foosball tables can be found here

Whether rubber bumpers or stealsprings- shock absorbers ensure a longer life of the foosball table and prevent from any table movement.

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Product no.: 2670

For older tables or for tables with telescopic bars can this steel pressure sprig be optimal.

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Product no.: 3280

This standard bumper is made of oil resistant rubber and has a very long durability due to its hardness.

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Product no.: 8150

The new solid bumper with a inbulid slide ring is very resistant and usable for all 16mm rods

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Product no.: 8320

The Lettner solid rubber bumper, made of oil resistant rubber has a long durability and is ideal for all Lettner tables.

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Product no.: 1680

This professionel rubber-bumper from german manufacturer Leonhart provides long durability and best suspension.

Delivery time 3 days

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Product no.: 1270

This bumper can withstand the hardest usage and makes play enjoyable at all levels with its unbreakability.

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Product no.: 3650

The new Lettner All-in-One bumper with it's high stability is ideal for the new Lettner Scorer figure.

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Product no.: 2820

Very robust rubber bumper in which the spring effect and the buffering of the joint is additionally supported.

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Product no.: 1670

The integrated metal discs characterize the new bumper of the Leonhart company for better stability.

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Product no.: 8910

The Profile-Rubber-Bumper is getting an advanced bumper-effect due to its profile-groovings and suits for 16mm bars.

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