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Rugged foosball lamp for pros

The new LED foosball lamp Kickerlight fits onto a lot of different foosball-modells such as: Leonhart, Garlando, Lettner, Ullirch, Bonzini or Vector tables and enlightens those perfectly. The lamp can be assambled without any glue or drilling. The light of the LEDs ensures the concentration and the provides a shadow-free enlightment of the table.

Details of the LED-foosball lamp Kickerlight:

  • ultra-slim design
  • steady construction
  • perfect enlightment of the table
  • energy-saving LEDs
  • free view onto the playing-surface and the opponent
  • assembly on all foosball tables possible


Power: ca. 12 W

working voltage LEDs: 12V DC

LED per Meter: 120 pcs

Lightcolor: 6000k

Weight: ca. 1,8kg

Energy-efficiancy: A+

Color: anthracite

including: power cable (230V)

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