Table parts

Table parts

Table parts

Here you can find different table parts for foosball tables

In this caregie you can find various table parts for your foosball table. They suit as spare parts but also for do-it-yourself-foosball tables.

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Product no.: 1280

This table soccer throw-in shell is made out of PVC and is ideal for your DIY foosball table.

Delivery time 3 days

0.93 *

Product no.: 1220

Suitable 6-volt-battery for almost every popular foosball table with a coin operating system.

Delivery time 1 days

5.12 *

Product no.: 5200

The plastic goal by Leonhart suits perfect for their tournament tables and is delivered incl. screws.

can be shipped within 5 days

22.37 *

Product no.: 2960

The goal frame made of plastic for Leonhart Original Soccer and Star Line foosball tables.

Delivery time 3 days

6.43 *

Product no.: 3059

This corpus-hinge made by manufacturer Leonhart fits for all Leonhart and Löwen foosball tables with a folding corpus.

Delivery time 1 days

9.46 *

Product no.: 8930

This throw-in shell is equipped with a bulkhead receptacle and can be fixed at the inner side of the corpus with a complement-ring.

Delivery time 1 days

2.00 *

Product no.: 8970

This white goal-frame made out of plastic (20,5cm width) suits for wood thickness up to 15mm.

Delivery time 1 days

1.42 *

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