Design foosball tables

Design foosball tables

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Product no.: 4940

The Evolution Gold football table is completely covered with beatgold and offers playing characteristics of a tournament table.

Delivery time 40-50 days


The Betonkicker foosball table is a made out of one piece and suits perfect for outdoor utilization at parks, playing-grounds or schools. 

Delivery time 21 days

2,412.61 *

Product no.: 7950

The Titankicker is a design foosball table perfectly suited for utilization in public places.

Delivery time 7 days

11,200.34 *


Product no.: 16220

The schiefekicker foosball table convinces of excellent quality, fancy design as well as perfect gameplay properties.

Delivery time 10 days

4,872.00 *

The design foosball table Tour 65 by italian manufacturer FAS is a real eye-catcher due to the unique design.

Delivery time 21 days

1,666.89 *

Product no.: 16940

The Toulet foosball game The Carat is a nearly invisible but breathtaking table, which is almost completely made of safety glass.

Delivery time 14 days

11,687.73 *

The design foosball tables of the Luxury-Line by Toulet provide a lot of individualization-possibilities.

Delivery time 60 days

2,825.92 *

The RS#3 is a Spanish design foosball table made by manufacturer RS Barcelona suitable for in- and outdoor usage

Delivery time 30 days

2,817.14 € 2,552.97 *
You save 9 %

The Stella Loisirs Champion XXL suits for up to 8 players and guarantees many intense matches!

Delivery time 14 days

3,898.18 € 3,313.31 *
You save 15 %

The RS#2 is a design foosball table by the Spanish manufacturer RS Barcelona. It is available as in- and outdoor-version.

Delivery time 30 days

3,762.69 € 3,596.97 *
You save 4 %

The RS#3 Wood by RS Barcelona is a design foosball table which suits for indoor and outdoor usage.

Delivery time 30 days

3,246.05 € 3,177.82 *
You save 2 %

Product no.: 9210

The design foosball table The Pure by Toulet combines high-quality materials with an exclusive playing-experience.

Delivery time 14 days

7,309.95 *

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1 - 12 of 29 results

Giant selection of special designed foosball tables

Are you looking for something special? Whether jewelleries for your home, highlight for your show or event, or a speciality to raise your office's design... It's all here!

Special foosball tables - designed for your desires.