Vector III

Vector III

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Vector 3 foosball table with 125kg!

The Vector III tournament foosball table is produced in Germany and provides high-quality material as well as a very good playing-experience. Its high weight (125kg) suits very good for an intense utilization of ambitious players. The Vector III has a very good price-performance-ratio and is 100% made in Germany!

Details of the Vector 3:

  • corpus is made out of 27mm multiplex-board
  • corpus is strenghened with additional weight
  • surrounding PVC-edges provide additional security
  • grippy playfield made out of 19mm laminate, melamine-coated
  • seamless lifted corners
  • white inside-banks for more brightness
  • welded metal leg-construction (optinal shorted table legs)
  • height-adjustable feed
  • 16mm Contus hollow bars
  • Contus bearings
  • Contus JetSpin handles
  • original soccer figures
  • 2 balls included

The corpus is pre-assembled. Only the legs, figures and bars have to be installed.


  • 3rd ball ejection
  • shorted table legs
  • Figure colors (blue, red, black, white, green, orange, grey)
  • branding

Length: 145 cm
Width: 74 cm (without bars)
ca. 130 cm (with bars)
Height: 91 cm

Playfield: 120 x 69 cm

Metal-Leg ConstructionGoalie in front of goalMultiplex woodLeg leveler

Contus slide bearingcontus-l4-tournament rodContus Jetspin

Additional product information

Assembly instructions Download
Coin Op Ohne
Color Black
Rods hollow bar
Figures Soccer figure
Weight 125 kg
Playfield resopalcovered playfield with seamlessly pulled up corners
Suitable for Children and Teenager
Cover plate without glas cover

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