Flix Libero Sport

Flix Libero Sport

Flix Libero Sport

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Perfect mobility with the Flix Libero Sport

Finest multiplex optic, noble materials, careful handwork made in Germany and a big range of technical innovations make the flix Libero Sport to a stunning foldable foosball table. The goal-box and the legs are foldable and the rods are stowed in the corpus. Additionally fitted wheels make the foosball table immediately mobile and can be easily transported. Until now unique the double mounted bearing hollow rods. Even a very bent rod runs smoothly. Through high-quality tension locks on the banks and the goal box of the foosball table can be completely setup and disassembly without any tool.

Details of the Flix Libero Sport:

  • double mounted bearings made of Teflon and noble metal (selflubricating)

  • Pro-Bumper made of a very special plastic-foam (specially quiet)

  • Keeper on the line (DTFB goal)

  • 16 mm Hollow bars

  • scoring unit made of stainless steel brick

  • seamless lifted corners

  • stable and height adjustable legs

  • rods are easily removable

Length: 117 cm (+ 16 cm with both goal boxes)
Width: 76,5 cm
Height: 88,5 cm
Playingfield: 111,2 cm x 68 cm

Additional product information

Coin Op Ohne
Rods hollow bar
Figures Screwed figures
Weight 65 kg
Suitable for Teenager and adults
Cover plate without glas cover
Ball entry with ball entry
Extras foldable

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