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New Vector Pro (Color: White)

The official licensed (DTFB) tournament foosball table of the Vector high quality tables with 135 kg weight, made in Germany!

793.00 *
Delivery time 3 days

Lettner Evolution (Decor: white, Ball entry: without, Goal: loud goal, Figure: Soccer)

The Lettner Evolution football table whith its nice design is one of the mostly used tournament tables in Germany.

1,485.00 *
Delivery time 5 days

Ullrich Basic (Goal: PVC goal)

The Ullrich Basic is a simple foosball table by Ullrich Sport and is an eye-catcher due to the cheap price.

369.00 *
Delivery time 5 days

Vector III (Color: Black)

This tournament-table is made in Germany and provides a very high weight (125kg) which brings the needed steadiness.

693.00 *
Delivery time 3 days

Leo Pro Tournament ITSF (Color: Green, Goal: loud goal, Front-color: black (standard))

The ITSF tournament foosball table by manufacturer Leonhart provides well-known Leonhart-quality.

1,429.00 *
Delivery time 20 days

Branding for Vector foosball tables (Type: Vector II)

The high quality tournament foosball table with seamlessly pulled corners and soccer-playfield, made in Germany!

849.00 *
Delivery time 10 days

New Kickerlight (Ausführung: 4all)

The LED foosball lamp Kickerlight is easily mounted to Leonhart, Lettner, Ullrich or Bonzini foosball tables without glueing or drilling.

179.00 *
Delivery time 3 days

Buffalo Air Hockey Astrodisc (Table legs: fixed)

The Buffalo airhockey table Astrodisc in 6 ft. size with manual goal counter and best value for money.

289.00 *
Delivery time 5 days

Bandito Pool Table Sedona (Size: 6 ft. 208 x 118 cm)

Sedona is the absolute highlight in terms of appearance and quality - the beautiful table makes it an eye-catcher.

629.00 *
679.00 €
You save 7 %
Delivery time 7 days
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