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Leonhart eKicker

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Leonhart eKicker - A professional foosball table with velocity measurement system

When goalline technic was introduced in football, Leonhart might has taken this as a reason to integrate a measurement system for shooting speed in a foosball table. The eKicker is the first foosball game by Leonhart with electrical measurement to determine the shooting velocity and to count the goals automatically. The standard variety Speed 1 includes a free app (only for Android) to illustrate the speed, score and a custom logo in between. In addition to this variety, two extensions are offered. To display the scores, the version Speed 2 includes LED stripes next to the manual score counter besides the application. The premium variety Speed 3 contains the application, the LED stripes as well as a monitor which is worked into the front board of the carcass and shows the illustration of the application. The base of the eKicker is the proven Leo Pro Tournament which convinces with high quality, robustness and perfect game play properties. The eKicker is available in the 8 colours of the Pro Tournament and can be branded on request.

Details of the Leonhart eKicker:


External dimensions: 143 x 74 cm 
Pitch dimensions: 111.3 x 68 cm 
Cabinet sidewall thickness: 31.5 mm 
Cabinet height: 92 cm

Additional product information

Coin Op Ohne
Model Speed 1
Color Green
Rods Tournament Rods
Figures Leo Pro counterbalanced
Weight 110 kg
Playfield resopalcovered playfield with seamlessly pulled up corners
Suitable for Teenager and adults
Cover plate without glas cover
Ball entry with ball entry
Front-color black (standard)
Bumper bumper with slide-ring
playing-field color green
playing-field markings with

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