Ullrich Sport


Ullrich Sport

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Stable foosball table made in Germany - the Ullrich Sport

The Ullrich Sport is a high-quality foosball table by the same name manufacturer from Germany. Due to the high weight (105kg) and the height-adjustable feet the Ullrich Sport provides a firm stance. It is equipped with two ball-returns, two ball-throw-ins as well as manual scoring-units. The Ullrich Sport is avaialble as standard- or premium-version. The premium-version provides a very good playing-experience, close to the Ullrich P4P Tournament. Because of that this version is a good practice-table. The differences can be seen in the following table. Furthermore the Ullrich Sport can be delivered as construction-kit or pre-assembled.

Standardversion Premiumversion
  • standard playing-field
  • standard bearing
  • standard bars
  • round handles
  • bumper without slide-ring
  • Ullrich Soccer figure without weight
  • premium playing-field
  • changable bearings
  • premium bars
  • 10-edge handles
  • bumper with slide-ring
  • Ullrich Soccer figure with weight

Details of the Ullrich Sport:

  • high-quality training-table by Ullrich Sport
  • white corpus
  • high weight
  • two ball-returns
  • two ball-throw-in-shells
  • manual scoring units
  • standard- or premium-version


Length: 144cm
Width: 74cm
Height: 93cm

Additional product information

Coin Op Ohne
Color White
Weight 105kg
Playfield resopalcovered playfield with seamlessly pulled up corners
Suitable for Teenager and adults
Cover plate without glas cover
Ball entry with ball entry
corpus construction-kit
Version standard version

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