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Balls Carom Aramith 61,5mm


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The balls are made of high-quality Aramith phenolic resin.

Advantages of Aramith balls

  • Exactly balanced: Constant density and balance are essential for controlling the speed, direction of travel, rotation and bounce and rebound of the ball during play. The phenolic resin, which is hardened throughout, completely stabilises the material, with each Aramith ball having a consistent density. Due to the centre of mass being exactly in the middle of the ball, the ball is exactly balanced and has a perfectly precise run.
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  • Perfect rebound: Far more important than the ball tolerances are the rebound properties of the balls. Only a calculable rebound allows the strategic positioning of the cue ball to optimise the subsequent shot. The unique elasticity of the Aramith phenolic resin is designed for an optimal rebound that allows the player to precisely control each shot.
  • Worldwide recognition: The exclusive use of Aramith phenolic resin balls by most professional tournament organisers, federations and amateur leagues in competitions and championships around the world is a clear endorsement of the high reputation and superior quality of Aramith balls.