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Concrete Bench


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Selected variant:Color: Concrete-Natural | Model: Standard

The Concrete Bench - Resistant sitting accomodation for schoolyards and parks

Massive and cast in one piece of ferroconcrete or as an fashionable park bench, with this sitting accomodation by the manufacturer HeBlad you will get something which is built for eternity. The furniture is perfect for build up places with high risk of vandalism due to the extreme high durability. It is very common to set up the benches made of B55 ferroconcrete next to concrete Picknicksets and table tennis games at schoolyards and open-air pools. In addition, the benches can be used as boundaries as well. To get the maximum functionality the set is available with different shapes and materials. The Standard-variety has a massive core and is cast in one piece like the other benches. Almost the same core is used for the DeLuxe model, the difference is only the sitting surface, which is made of comfortable bamboo-wood. To have a maximum of seating comfort the bench is also available with a bamboo backrest. As an opposite of the massive models, a more filigree Parkbench variety is available as well. The sitting surface of this model is carried on two points like it is knwon from normal parkbenches. To get the required stability, the bench is supportet by a concrete base plate. This base plate is also available for the massive models, even this combinations are casted in one piece. If necessary, the models Standard and DeLuxe are available in an oval shape as well. Since not only the functionality and shape, even the appearence is important, all these models are available in 3 differen colours. Due to the colours Concrete-Natural, Concrete-Anthracite and Anthracite, the benches are going to suite to every build up place.

Details of the Concrete Bench:

  • Bench made of B55 ferroconcrete
  • massive or as a parkbench
  • backrest optional
  • very sturdy
  • extreme durable
  • suiting for shoolyards, open-air swimming pools and places with high risk of vandalism
  • one-part cast
  • optional benches of bamboo-wood
  • different shapes
  • 3 different colours
  • suiting base plate available

The measures:


L x W x H: 180,2 x 47,5 x 50 cm
Sitting surface: 175 x 30 cm
Weight: 820 kg
Detail drawing: Standard 

Standard oval:

L x W x H: 185 x 70 x 50 cm
Sitting surface: 175 x 30 cm
Weight: 610 kg
Detail drawing: Standard 

DeLuxe Oval:

L x W x H: 185 x 79 x 50 cm
Weight: 540 kg
Detail drawing: DeLuxe Oval

DeLuxe (with base plate):

Measures bench: 180 x 45 x 50 (47,2) cm
Measures base plate: 220 x 120 x 8 cm
Weight: 420 kg (1160 kg)
Detail drawing: DeLuxe / DeLuxe with base plate

DeLuxe with backrest (with base plate):

Measures bench: 180 x 58,8 x 94,4 cm
Measures base plate: 220 x 119 x 8 cm
Sitting height: 50 cm (47,5 cm)
Weight: 480 kg (1200 kg)
Detail drawing: DeLuxe with backrest / DeLuxe with backrest and base plate

Parkbench (with base plate):

Measures bench: 190 x 60,2 x 94,7 cm
Measures base plate: 248 x 156 x 7 cm
Sitting height: 50 cm
Weight: 650 kg (1000 kg)
Detail drawing: Parkbench

Parkbank Duo:

Width park bench: 190 cm
Sitting height: 50 cm

Detail drawing: Parkbank Duo

Properties "Concrete Bench"
Product Details:
Color: Concrete-Natural
Model: Standard
Suitable for: Outdoor
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