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Cornilleau table tennis balls P-ball orange 72 pcs.


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Table tennis ball-set by Cornilleau

The table tennis ball-set by Cornilleau includes 72 white tournament ping pong balls. The balls do have the official diameter of 40mm and have 1-star quality. They suit perfect for training and tournaments. The balls are delivered in a reclosable box.

Properties "Cornilleau table tennis balls P-ball orange 72 pcs."
Product Details:
Color: Orange
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Tischtennis-Bälle Bandito * 6 Stck., Farbe weiß Geprüfte Trainingsbälle in 1-Star Qualität, Turniergröße, lange Lebensdauer.

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Spare table tennis net
Tischtennis-Ersatznetz für alle gängigen Metallhalterungen. Wetterfeste Nylonqualität.

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JOOLA Ping-Pong balls set
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JOOLA table tennis ball set The table tennis balls from JOOLA have a huge field of application in Ping-Pong sports. It starts with leisure sport for domestic use and ends with high performance sport by the worlds best players. The available balls are delivered in boxes, are white and have a diameter of 40mm. Differences are shown in the material and processing of the balls. In general they are seperated in balls with/without seam and celluloid ones. Therefore balls with seam are primarly applied to domestic use and hobby-sports. The pro's mainly play with balls without seam or celluloid ones. In high perfermance tournaments the plastic balls without seam are in use nowadays. Some years ago the celluloid balls have been replaced with them. Many established players still prefer the celluloid ball because of its play characteristics. Overview of the different sets: 72 pcs. JOOLA Practice-P - plastic ball with seam for training and youth work 72 pcs. JOOLA Flip** - plastic ball without seam for training and youth work 72 pcs. JOOLA Super*** - high quality celluloid ball for tournaments and clubs 72 pcs. JOOLA Super-P*** - plastic ball with seam and high quality for clubs 72 pcs. JOOLA Flash*** - plastic ball without seam and high quality, the ball for the tournaments 100 pcs. JOOLA Magic - celluloid ball for training and youth work 120 pcs. JOOLA Training - celluloid ball for training 120 pcs. JOOLA Magic - celluloid ball for training and youth work (delivered in a ball-sack) 144 pcs. JOOLA Training - celluloid ball for training (delivered in a ball-box) 144 pcs. JOOLA Magic - celluloid ball for training and youth work (delivered in a ball-box) 144 pcs. JOOLA Magic - celluloid ball for training and youth work (delivered in a ball-box with holder)

Table tennis bat bag for 1 bat and 4 balls
Elegant, two-tone bag made of high-quality nylon with quality zips. Suitable for 1 racket and 4 balls.

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Ping-pong bat set
Valuation: *
Cheap beginners-tabletennis-bats The outer surface of the racket is without sponge, only with external nubs. It gives a good ball control and is suitable for all hobby players with a simple way of playing. The set includes 2 bats and 3 top quality balls with Net.

Cornilleau net primo 180
The Primo 180 table tennis net from Cornilleau is suitable for hobby tables and is made of polyethylene. Table tennis netHeight 180mmPolyethyleneExcluding holders

Cornilleau net Primo 160
The Primo 160 table tennis net from Cornilleau is suitable for hobby tables and is made of polyethylene. Table tennis netLength 160cmHeight 14.9 cmPolyethyleneExcluding holders

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Sponeta table tennis bat
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Bat cover Cornilleau Safe grey/black
This cover is made of Polyester and has room for 1 bat and 3 balls. Cornilleau bath coverColor Grey/BlackPolyester17.5x27x5.2 cmWeight 137 gr.Apartial pocket for 3 balls

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Sponeta Pro table tennis ball set
Model: 12 x Training


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Cornilleau table tennis bat
TT-Version: Sport 400
Original Cornilleau table tennis bats perfect for all skill levels The original Cornilleau table tennis bats suit perfect for all skill-levels. Whether hobby-player or professional, there is the right bat for everyone. All options are made from 5-layer wood and are equipped with a red and a black rubber-side. The rackets differ in the following aspects: Details of the Cornilleau table tennis bat: Thickness of the foam: 1,8mm Quality of the rubber (in stars): 3 stars Performance: Spin: 7 Speed: 6 Controll: 8