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Ogo Sports


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What is OGO!!! that is probably the first thing you think when you see this.How does the game work? Preferably play with at least 2 people.Everyone takes an OGO and skips it. The Ogo has a kind of net of a very flexible material that makes it very easy to hit the 'hairy' ball back. High and far...without too much effort, so take your space! You can also frisbee with the ogo's and of course you can combine the two by hitting them and then both quickly change ogo's by throwing them a bit faster as frisbee...impossible? No...well for advanced players! Play this on a grass field, the water (with small water balloons this is also great) it doesn't really matter as long as you have some space.

2 ogo discsFoam frame, elastic netSize of discs: 29 cmSize of ball: 6.5 cmUsed for Ogo or as a frisbee
Properties "Ogo Sports"
Color: Multi
Size: 31 x 31 x 8
Kickerkult e.K Reviews with
Kickerkult e.K Reviews with