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Pool table Buffalo Rookie 5ft foldable


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Pool table for nursery

The pool table Buffalo Hustler Rookie is the perfect gift for every kid or teenager. Due to its size of only 5ft. it suits very good into smaller rooms. For very small rooms a foldable model is available. Owing to its construction the table can be folded easily. The modern design as well as the blue cloth make the Rookie a real eye-catcher. Included in delivery are 2 two-part cues, balls, brush, chalk and a triangle. 

Buffalo Hustler Rookie details:

  • perfect for kids and teens
  • 5ft. size
  • stationary and foldable variety
  • blue table cloth
  • complete equipment included


playing field: 140 cm x 63,5 cm x 1,5 cm
space requirement: 474 cm x 397 cm

Properties "Pool table Buffalo Rookie 5ft foldable"
Product Details:
Model: foldable
Cloth color: Blue
Size: 5 ft. 154 x 78 x 79 cm
Playfield: Standard cloth
Suitable for: Children and Teenager
Weight: 40,5 kg
Cover plate: ohne
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High-quality pool table for the whole family - the pool table Sedona This table provides great fun for the whole family as well as professional playing experience and good quality. Cross braces were installed in the wooden body of the Billard table Sedona to make the playfield vibration-free in order to reach the same playability as a tournament table. Details of the pool table Sedona: automatic ball returning system rubber bands to ensure natural ball rebound extremely durable cloth solid feet table is fully assembled - only the feet need to be mounted The accessory set includes: balls, 2 cues (145 cm), a triangle and a chalk. Measures: Length: 208 cm Width: 118 cm Height: 81 cm Playingfield: 180 x 90 cm

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René Pierre pool table Lord
Pub-pool table with a nostalic look The pool table Lord by french furniture manufacturer René Pierre is a pool table for public facilities having a nostalgic  look. Its very high weight as well as the rugged material provide enormous steadyness and resistence. The height-adjustable legs can be positioned individually. The one-piece slate and the professional table cloth provide a smooth and consistant ball-movement. The pool table Lord is equipped with an automatic ball-return-system as well as a coin-op. Including the delivery is also an accessory kit. This contains: 2 queues, 1 triangle, 1 chork, 1 brush and 1 set of balls. Details of the Lord: very rugged corpus automatic ballretur very high weight professional table cloth height-adjustable feet including accessory kit one-piece slate coin-op Measure:   Length: 210 cm Width: 118 cm

Pool table Hustler Rookie MDF 5 ft
This hobby pool table is the ideal gift for children and young people! With its 5 ft design, the Buffalo Hustler Rookie is perfect for very limited spaces, and has an appealing modern design. The Hustler Rookie comes very complete, including cloth (blue) and accessories: two 2-piece cues, balls, triangle, brush and chalk. The sheet is already pre-stretched and after the simple set-up, the Hustler Rookie is immediately ready for use. The Hustler Rookie guarantees hours of fun for the whole family!Super design5 ft, perfect for limited spacesOuter dimensions: 154 x 78 x 79 cmDimensions of playfield: 140 x 63.5 cmBed: 15 mm MDF/PVCNet weight: 32 kgNot suitable for commercial use

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Black Pool Billard table
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Pool- training-table for beginners By the 3-piece, 25 mm thick extra strong natural slate playfield offers the Billard table Black Pool optimum playability for everybody. Another advantage lies in the massive structure, which is completely unbendable. The pool table is not only suitable for private usage, schools and youth centers but also as a training table for tournament players. Details of the Black Pool: 3-piece natural slate perfect ball control massiv feet impact resistant surface ball pockets durable billiard cloth Self-essembly possible, but we recommend the local mounting service. Measures: Lenght: 212 cm Width: 121 cm Playingfield: 180 x 90 cm

€1,969.00* €1,995.00* (1.3% saved)
René Pierre outdoor pool table Caraibes
Modern pool table with a fresh design - The René Pierre Pool Table Caraibes The pool billard table Caraibes is the newest pearl from the French producer René Pierre. The table fascinates with a modern and fresh design and is an eye-catcher in every office, living- and playroom, in addition the table is suitable for outdoor usage as well. The harmonious combination of grey wood finish and white lacquered steel-legs gives the table a special charm which is unique on the market. The table can be transformed to a dining table lightning fast by laying the here available cover plates. The resulting garden or livingroom table is big enough to bring the whole family together. To become a long-lasting product for outdoor areas, all used materials at this table are weatherproof as well as the special grey cloth which is weather resistant too. To have optimal game play properties, the table is equipped with an one-piece 19 mm thick slate and height-adjustable legs. The delivery includes an accessory set with balls, queues, a triangle, a brush and chalk. Details of the pool tables Caraibes: 6 ft. pool billard table in a modern design convertibility to dining- or gardentable pocket for up to four balls suitable for outdoor usage weatherproof materials water resistant cloth height-adjustable legs one-piece 19 mm slate accessory set included suiting cover plates available Measures: Frame dimensions: 203 x 116 x 78 cm Inner dimensions: 172 x 85 cm Set up space: 217,4 x 130,7 cm Leg space: 63 cm

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Cornilleau Hyphen outdoor pool table
Colors: White | Cloth color: grey | Pockets: White
The Cornilleau Hyphen - Stylish modern outdoor pool billiards table. The Hyphen pool billiard table is a feast for the eyes and will attract attention in any garden. Due to the modern and elegant design, the table is looking for its equal on the market. Depending on personal preferences, the 7 ft. table is available in two colors. The stylish white model comes with light gray play cloth and black plastic pockets that skillfully complete the coherent appearance. If you have a preference for darker shades, you will find a suitable solution in the black table model. The use of high-quality materials makes the table weatherproof and a true lightweight for a billiard table. The total weight of 210 kg allows to move the table with a few people and provides the necessary stability for optimal playing conditions. So that the Hyphen can all weather conditions, the steel body was coated with special epoxy resin paint and subjected to an anti-corrosion treatment. For the playing field, the manufacturer relies on a 12 mm thick laminate resin plate cast in one piece. To prevent deformation of the playing surface, it is supported by a sturdy frame from below and from the side. The table is supplied with the matching accessories, consisting of 57.2 mm balls, 2 cues, a triangle each for 8- and 9-ball, billiard chalk and a brush. Details of the Cornilleau Hyphen: 7 ft. outdoor billiard table available in black and white gray play cloth black plastic pockets 12 mm laminate resin playing surface steel frame epoxy resin paint height adjustable accessories included Dimensions: Playing field: 95 cm x 195 cm Length: 215 cm Width: 120 cm Height: 80 cm Set-up dimensions: 420 cm x 520 cm Weight: 210 kg

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Cornilleau Hyphen outdoor pool table cover
Colors: White | Cover color: Stone
The Cornilleau Hyphen outdoor billiards table cover plate. The Hyphen outdoor billiards table from French manufacturer Cornilleau is an attraction in any garden. The two-piece cover plate transforms the game table into an elegant garden table. Adapted to the table body, this cover is available in 4 different colors. Cover plates in wood or stone look are available to match the black or white table. The plates made of melamine resin have a thickness of 10 mm and convince with a high UV and weather resistance. The balanced weight of 14,5 kg per plate half ensures a stable fit and at the same time good manageability. With the cover plate, the billiard table Hyphen invites you to a relaxed get-together after an exciting game of billiards. Details of the Cornilleau Hyphen outdoor pool table cover plate: 10 mm thick melamine resin wood or stone design matches the black or white table UV and weather resistant Dimensions (per table half): Length: 107,5 cm Width: 120 cm Thickness: 1 cm Weight: 14,5 kg

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John West Pool table Transfer
Table-Size: 6 ft.
Guter Einsteiger-Billardtisch für Zuhause - der John West Billardtisch Transfer Der Billardtisch Transfer bietet gute Stabilität und einen ordentlichen Kugellauf zu einem unschlagbar günstigen Preis. Das integrierte Kugelrücklaufsystem führt alle Kugeln zur einfachen Ballentnahme zur Stirnseite zurück. Die großen, gummierten Tellerfüße sind höhenverstellbar und sorgen somit für die einfache Austarierung. Die Tischkanten sind in Chrom-Optik gehalten. Die einfachen Gummi-Banden des Billardtisches (bereits mit Billardtuch überzogen), sorgen für den korrekten Bandenabschlag. Der komplette Billardtisch ist äußerst pflegeleicht und durch die mitgelieferte Bürste befreien Sie auch das Billardtuch nach dem Spielen schnell von Kreideresten, Fusseln oder Krümeln. Der Korpus des Billardtisches ist komplett vormontiert, es müssen lediglich die Beine angebracht werden. Details des John West Billardtisch Transfer in 6 ft.: Billardtisch für Freizeiträume höhenverstellbare Füße 18mm MDF-Platte mit Ballrücklaufsystem Zubehörset inkl. (2x 145 cm Queues, 57 mm Kugeln, Kreide, Dreieck, Bürste) Die Maße: Spielfläche: 180 x 90 cm Länge: 207 cm Breite: 117 cm Höhe: 81 cm Tischgröße: 207 x 117 x 81 cm Verpackungsmaß: 214 x 123 x 25 cm Beinfreiheit: 58 cm

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Pool table Premium
Cloth color: royal blue | Size: 7 ft.
Design-pool-table for leisure-rooms and offices - the pool table Premium The corpus of the pool table Premium is made from massive wood (side-parts made from pine-wood, bank-frames made from Canadian maple) and provide a unique design. The banks are equipped with ornaments from Avalon. The 8" pool table comes in a modern design and suits for every modern office or leisure-room. The wood is finished in a "Driftwood"-design. The 3-part 25mm slate is adjusted to the substructure. Do to the special form of the substruture the Premium provides additional legroom. The Simonis table-cloth provides perfect ball-movement and is dirt-resistant. The silent pockets are made from black leather. No accessories included! Details of the pool table Premium: pool table Premium for leisure-rooms and offices corpus made from massive wood driftwood-finish 3-part 25mm slate pockets made from black leather 7 or 8ft. size special leg-construction high-quality Simonis table-cloth accessories not included Measures: 7 Feet Length x Width: 230 cm x 130 cm Playing field: 200 cm x 100 cm Weight: 350 kg 8 Feet Length x Width: 224 cm x 112 cm Playing field: 256 cm x 144 cm Weight: 390 kg