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RS Barcelona Y&M


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Selected variant:Size: 180 Small | Color: White

The Y & M table tennis plate by RS Barcelona

The Y & M table tennis plate by RS Barcelona was deveoloped in a colaboration with the designers from the Antoni Pallejá Office. The piece of sports equipment can be transformed into an attractive eating-table without problems. The table tennis equipment such as net, bats or balls can easily be stowed under the table in the drawer. Due to the usage of high quality materials, the table is a highlight in every appartment as well as office. Combined with the suiting benches or chairs, it becomes a full suite of furniture. To suite perfect to the built up location, different colours and sizes of the table are available here, so the right combination can be chosen as required. In addition to the optical variety, the usage of the models is different. Depending on the decor it can be used either in- or outdoor. The model with walnut-finishing is for indoor usage, while the tables in black and white can also be built up outdoor. But here we suggest the utilization of the fitting cover

Details of the RS Barcelona Y & M:

  • table tennis table by RS Barcelona
  • storage-drawer under the table
  • different sizes and colours available
  • cover available
  • net, bat and balls included


Length: 180cm
Width: 100cm
Height: 76cm
Weight: 55kg

Properties "RS Barcelona Y&M"
Product Details:
Size: 180 Small
Color: White
Suitable for: Outdoor
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RS Barcelona Y&M Bench
RS Barcelona bench for Y&M table tennis plates These benches by RS Barcelona suits perfectly for the table tennis plates Y&M and transform them into giant dining-, conference- and living-room tables. The seats of the benches are made from iroko wood. The different sizes enable a perfect fit for each table size of the Y&M tables. The leg-constrction is made from cataphoretic cated steel. In addion to that the legs are colored with polyester-paint which makes them fit for the chosen table-color. Details of the RS Barcelona Y&M bench: benches by RS Barcelona perfect for Y&M table tennis plates seat made from iroko wood legs made from steel 4 sizes available Measure: Length: Width: 38cm Height: 45,4cm

JOOLA Ping-Pong balls set
JOOLA table tennis ball set The table tennis balls from JOOLA have a huge field of application in Ping-Pong sports. It starts with leisure sport for domestic use and ends with high performance sport by the worlds best players. The available balls are delivered in boxes, are white and have a diameter of 40mm. Differences are shown in the material and processing of the balls. In general they are seperated in balls with/without seam and celluloid ones. Therefore balls with seam are primarly applied to domestic use and hobby-sports. The pro's mainly play with balls without seam or celluloid ones. In high perfermance tournaments the plastic balls without seam are in use nowadays. Some years ago the celluloid balls have been replaced with them. Many established players still prefer the celluloid ball because of its play characteristics. Overview of the different sets: 72 pcs. JOOLA Practice-P - plastic ball with seam for training and youth work 72 pcs. JOOLA Flip** - plastic ball without seam for training and youth work 72 pcs. JOOLA Super*** - high quality celluloid ball for tournaments and clubs 72 pcs. JOOLA Super-P*** - plastic ball with seam and high quality for clubs 72 pcs. JOOLA Flash*** - plastic ball without seam and high quality, the ball for the tournaments 100 pcs. JOOLA Magic - celluloid ball for training and youth work 120 pcs. JOOLA Training - celluloid ball for training 120 pcs. JOOLA Magic - celluloid ball for training and youth work (delivered in a ball-sack) 144 pcs. JOOLA Training - celluloid ball for training (delivered in a ball-box) 144 pcs. JOOLA Magic - celluloid ball for training and youth work (delivered in a ball-box) 144 pcs. JOOLA Magic - celluloid ball for training and youth work (delivered in a ball-box with holder)

JOOLA table tennis bat Carbon
Classic wood reinforced with modern carbon fibres - The JOOLA table tennis bat Carbon Even in table tennis modern carbon fibres becomes more and more popular. Due to that, JOOLA developed a series of carbon fibre reinforced table tennis bats called Carbon. The induction of these innovative fibres improves the game play features of the wood. The bats enhances the game play with a bigger sweet-spot, a better marksmanship, less vibrations, more speed as well as a flatter ball-trajectory. Starting with ambitious hobby-players right up to succsessful competition players, all kinds of table tennis athletes use these rackets. The JOOLA Carbon bats are ITTF-approved and equipped with 2,0mm thick sponges and a flared handle. Details of the JOOLA table tennis bats Carbon: carbon fibre reinforced wood wood veneers: 5 plies 2,0mm sponges ITTF approved flared handle Variation of the JOOLA table tennis bats Carbon: Control: wood veneers: 5 plies (cottonwood plywood) FIESTA-rubbers play characteristics: 82% speed 88% spin 85% control Speed: wood veneers: 5 plies (cottonwood plywood) GX 75-rubbers play characteristics: 89% speed 92% spin 79% control Forte: wood veneers: 5 plies (cottonwood plywood) 4 ALL-rubbers play characteristics: 92% speed 94% spin 78% control Competition Gold: wood veneers: 5 plies (Koto/Basswod/Kiri) 4 YOU- and 4 ALL-rubber play characteristics: 93% speed 96% spin 74% control Pro: wood veneers: 5 plies (special plywood) 4 YOU-rubbers play characteristics: 98% speed 92% spin 86% control Mega: wood veneers: 5 plies UPP-rubbers play characteristics: 100% speed 99% spin 72% control General information: Sponge thickness: The thicker the sponge, the faster the rubber. FIESTA-rubber: Very good medium fast rubber for ambitious players. GX 75-rubber: The pre-stage to the top models to learn spin and slice variations. 4 ALL-rubber: Rubber for excellent control, all strokes have to be played with high power because of the dynamic of the rubber. 4 YOU-rubber: Offensive allround-rubber for many spin and slice variations as well as extremely hard final strokes. UPP-rubber: Extremely grippy competition rubber for very high speed.

Variants from €34.90*
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