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Foosball table Mailand with telescope bars - perfect for children

The Mailand foosball table eliminates all injury risks with its telescopic rods and low height, great injoyment is guaranteed for the children.

Details of the foosball table Mailand:

  • 13 mm safety telescopic rods with good sliding bearings
  • body made of durable PVC coated MDF
  • football pitch-like playfield
  • solid legs
  • two balls included


Length: 120 cm

Width: 61 cm

Height: 81 cm

Playfield: 105 x 58 cm

Weight: 23 kg

Self construction of the table, legs, rods and figures.

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Cork ball ecru
Silent cork ball for all foosball tables The cork ball is proper to turn down the sound level of the foosball table. It makes a nearly noiseless game possible. Furthermore is the ball very slip-proof and easy to pin. Your neighbours will be pleased!! Minimizes the playing-sound of foosball tables!

Cork ball white
Makes foosball silent - the white cork ball The white Cork ball is also proper to turn down the sound level of the foosball table. It makes a nearly noiseless game possible. Your neighbours will be pleased! Furthermore the ball is slippery and offers a very fast game. The Cork ball is played exclusively on Bonzini-, Original Kicker- and Saarland-Kicker-Tables

Basic Foosball ball
Foosball ball in football-design For all tables where technique is not ranked first. Choose this ball because of the speed characteristics and because it's about fun. These kind of foosball balls are mostly included with import tables.   


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Carromco Mini Foosball Kick XM
The Carromco mini football table Kick XM can be set up on any table and is ready to be used immediately. The table was especially made for children of 6 years age with its low weight and high quality surface. Details: 7mm rods with safety endings ball out-take behind the goals figures made of plastic playfield looks like a real football pitch 2 manual goal counter The accessory set includes two balls.  Measures: Length: 51 cm Width: 31 cm Height: 11 cm Weight: 2,75 kg Not for children under 36 months due to small parts choking hazard. Recommended age 6 years.

Bandito Multi-9
Multi-table by brand-manufacturer Bandito - the Multi-9 The Multi-9 table brings home the fun and game variety of 9 classic games in one table. The multifunctional table is easily turned into no less than 9 different games: table soccer, pool, table tennis, speed hockey, bowling, shuffleboard, backgammon, chess and draughts. Details of the Bandito Multi-9: 25mm thick MDF cabinet with melamine coating strong, height adjustable MDF legs with melamine coating (9x9cm) 24 Monate warranty against manufacture defects Multi-9 as a foosball table features: laminate playing field (120x70cm) rotating goalkeeper 360° ball pocket behind each goal with goal counter 2 black/white balls included Multi-9 as a pool table features: MDF playing field coated with classic green coth cushion rails with L-shaped profile rubber to provide accurate ball rebound basket pockets with manual ball rescuing Accessories included: 2 wooden cues (120cm), a set of 38mm diameter pool balls, a piece of chalk, a brush for the cloth Multi-9 in the other versions: by superimposing the different panels to the table, Multi-9 can be transformed into the other game versions in a simple and quick way Accessories coming with the tennis table: net, posts, 2 bats, 2 balls Accessories coming with the speedhockey table: 2 hammers, 2 pucks other games also come with the relevant accessories  Measure (footprint): Lenght: 145cm Width: 130cm Height: 90cm Weight: 75Kg Self installation of the legs, bars and figures

€469.00* €529.00* (11.34% saved)
Many variants
Garlando foosball tables with branding
Model: PROMO 10
Branded foosball table for your office or your expo The foosball tables made by Garlando are available with a branding from now on. Present your company on exhibitions or in leisure rooms. The high-quality foil-print can be designed on all 4 outer walls of the table. The table models are: PROMO 10, PROMO 20, PROMO 200, PROMO 500, PROMO 2000, Master Champion, Olympic INdoor, POlympic Outdoor, XXL, XXXL and World Cup. The color of the figures can be individualized as well.  suits perfect for expos or events high-quality 4-C print Garlando tablemodels: ​​PROMO 10 (48kg, laminate playing surface, 140 x 110 x 88cm) PROMO 20 (55kg, laminate playing surface, 140 x 110 x 88cm) PROMO 200 (60kg, laminate playing surface, 143 x 125 x 88cm) PROMO 500 (70kg, laminate playing surface, 143 x 125 x 88cm) PROMO 2000 (75kg, laminate playing surface, 143 x 125 x 88cm) Master Champion (80kg, laminate playing surface, 143 x 125 x 94cm) Olympic Silver (105kg, laminate playing surface, 156 x 125 x 94 cm) Olympic Outdoor (102, laminate playing surface, 156 x 125 x 96cm) XXL (160kg, laminate playing surface, 260 x 125 x 89cm) XXXL (400kg, laminate playing surface, 740 x 125 x 89cm) World Cup (100kg, laminate playing surface, 156 x 125 x 96cm) The price includes foil-print on the 6 outer sides of the table. If the customer creates the artwork, there is a check as well as the handling included. If the artwork is created by us, there will be a creation-fee in the amount of 399,00€ on top of the purchase-price.

Many variants
Garlando Master Class EVO Indoor
Rods: Hollow bars PR
Rugged foosball table for indoor-usage by Garlando - the Master Class EVO indoor The Garlando Master Class EVO indoor is a foosball table, perfectly suiting for schools, youth-clubs or sports-clubs. The corpus is made from MDF (25mm) and provides high toughness due to the melamin-coating. The insensitive decor (black/silver) is equipped with aluminium-edges. The glass-cover-plate is made from security-glass and forms, together with the ball-security-system a cohesive ball-circular-system. Due to this the balls can not be stolen or list. The laminat-playing-surface is equipped with white superimposed banks. The height-adjustable feet provide an optimal stance, even on tilted floors. The rugged 16mm bars run through ball-bearings and are equipped with ergonomic handles. The goalie is 360° rotatable. The Master Class EVO indoor is available with hollow- and telescope-bars. Details of the Master Class EVO indoor: Master Class EVO indoor foosball table by Garlando melamin-coated MDF-corpus (25mm) aluminium-edges playing-surface made from laminat with superimposed banks 16mm bars ball-bearings goalie 360° rotatable cohesive ball-circular-system due to cover-plate and ball-security-system alternative with shortened legs available (addional 100,00€, table height 75 cm) optional: transport wheels (additional 229,00€) Measure: Length: 144cm Width: 125cm Height: 93,5-96,5cm Playing-surface: 120 x 70cm In delivery: 10 white Nylon-balls assembly instruction

€941.00* €999.00* (5.81% saved)
Many variants
Pro-Soccer Deluxe
Color: Oak
High-quality foosball table for children The "Deluxe-foosball table" is equipped with 16mm chromed bars which run through ball-bearings. The extra steadiness is provided by the big wooden legs (12,5 x 12,5 cm) which are additionally enforced with chrome. To adjust the table perfectly it is equipped wiht height-adjustable feet. The figures are made from rugged PVC. If needed they can be changed easily. The 14mm thick playing surface is equipped with seamlessly raised corners. Details of the foosball table Pro-Soccer Deluxe: foosball table for kids massive steel-bars seamlessly-raised edges height-adjustable feet steady construction The delivery includes: 2 balls in tournament-size, 1 spare-player per team, assembly-instruction Measure: Outer-measure: approx. 140 x 74cm Height: 86,5cm Weight: approx. 80kg

€439.00* €495.00* (11.31% saved)
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Vector Inox
Model: Vector Inox 2
Outdoor foosball table for the whole year! This foosball table is made in Germany and suits very good for an outdoor usage. The Vector Inox brings a high-quality training experience and long-living material. The high weight suits very good for adults, children and teens. Due to the water and weather-proof material the Vector Inox suits perfectly for an outdoor utilization. All sparepars are made out of material which was originally used in shipbuilding. Details of the Vector Inox: corpus made out of 27mm multiplex-plate surrounding PVC-edges  grippy playing-field seamless raised corners undestroyable goal 16mm Contus L4 hollow bars weather-proof tarpaulin welded, anodized leg-construction (optional shorted legs) 2 balls included figure Johnny (colors: red, yellow, deep blue, white) For more information please read our blog.  The corpus is pre-assembled, only the legs, figures and bars have to be mounted. Measure: Length = 145 cm Width = 74 cm (without bars) ca. 130 cm (with bars) Height = 91 cm

Many variants
Ullrich Sport
Version: standard version | corpus: construction-kit
Stable foosball table made in Germany - the Ullrich Sport The Ullrich Sport is a high-quality foosball table by the same name manufacturer from Germany. Due to the high weight (105kg) and the height-adjustable feet the Ullrich Sport provides a firm stance. It is equipped with two ball-returns, two ball-throw-ins as well as manual scoring-units. The Ullrich Sport is avaialble as standard- or premium-version. The premium-version provides a very good playing-experience, close to the Ullrich P4P Tournament. Because of that this version is a good practice-table. The differences can be seen in the following table. Furthermore the Ullrich Sport can be delivered as construction-kit or pre-assembled. Standardversion Premiumversion standard playing-field standard bearing standard bars round handles bumper without slide-ring Ullrich Soccer figure without weight premium playing-field changable bearings premium bars 10-edge handles bumper with slide-ring Ullrich Soccer figure with weight Details of the Ullrich Sport: high-quality training-table by Ullrich Sport MDF corpus with white coating high weight two ball-returns two ball-throw-in-shells manual scoring units standard- or premium-version Measure: Length: 144cm Width: 74cm Height: 93cm

Many variants
Garlando G-500 Black Edition
Rods: Hollow Bars
Garlando G-500 Black Edition - exclusively at Kickerkult The Garlando G-500 Black Edition is a special version of the top-selling Garlando  G-500 table. The Black Edition model offers a special laminate playfield with seamlessly lifted corners and height adjustable legs. The solid construction makes a high stability and brilliant playing possible. This G-500 black edition table is perfect for youth centres, schools or clubs as well as for your home.  Details des G-500 Black Edition: Corpus made of MDF with laminate coating (25mm wall thickness) Colour of body and table legs in black Foursquare metal feet with scratch-proof coating Ball bearings Figures are directly cast onto the bars (no rated break point) Figures white/black Ball throw-in on both sides 360° keeper ergonomic black plastic handle bars Ball ejection behind the goals 10 balls included Measure: Length: 143 cm Width: 125 cm (incl. Rods) Height: 88 cm Playing field: 120x70,5 cm

€849.00* €899.00* (5.56% saved)
Many variants
Garlando Master Class Outdoor
Rods: Hollow bars PR
Foosball table for outdoor-usage by brand-manufacturer Garlando The high-quality corpus of the Garlando Master Class Outdoor is made from 25mm thick multi-layer wood and is finished with a melamin-coating. It is completely weather-proof and can be used outdoors the whole year. Furthermore the foosball table is equipped with a glass-cover-plate made from security-glass. The 16mm bars run through ball-bearings and are equipped with ergonomic plastic-handles. The laminat-playing-surface is equipped with superimposed banks and provides a good play-experience. The height-adjustable feet ensure that the Garlando Master Class EVO Outdoor has a perfect stance even of tilted surfaces. Furthermore a ball-security-system is installed which ensures that no balls are stolen or get lost. The Master Class EVO outdoor is available with hollow- or telescope-bars. Details of the Garlando Master Class Outdoor: Garlando Master Class Outdoor foosball table corpus made from 25mm multi-layer wood completely weather-proof including glass-cover-plate laminat-playing-surface with superimposed banks height-adjustable feet ball-security-system ball-bearings ergonomic handles alternative with shortened legs available Measure: Length: 144cm Width: 125cm Height:93,5cm - 96,5cm In delivery: 10x white balls (red model) or 10x orange balls (blue model) assembly instruction Tip: We suggest, despite the weather-resistance of the table, the usage of a tarpaulin to ensure a long and constant playing-experience.

€1,091.00* €1,149.00* (5.05% saved)
Many variants
Garlando F-20
Corpus color: Beech
Medium-sized foosball table by Garlando - the F-20 One of the best place saving tables on the market. The feet can be folded into the body and be put away very easily. The table is ideal for families or hobby players. Details of the F-20: body made of MDF 13 mm chromed rods with safety plugs plastic figures and handles rotating goalkeeper laminated playfield fully assembled body 10 balls included Measures: Length: 140 cm Width: 110 cm (including bars) Height: 88 cm Self construction of rods and players.  

Many variants
Ullrich Home
Version: standard version | Corpus color: White | corpus: construction-kit
Simple training foosball table by manufacturer Ullrich Sport - the Ullrich Home The Home foosball-table by manufacturer Ullrich Sport is a foosball training-table for teenagers and adults which suits perfect for training-purposes. The durable MDF-corpus provides good toughness and the height-adjustable feet provide a firm stance on any surface. Furthermore the Home is equipped with two ball-returns and two ball-throw-in-shells. The Ullrich Home is available as Standard- and Premium-Version. The table below shows the differences. Details of the Ullrich Home: training-foosball table by Ullrich Sport two ball-returns two ball-throw-ins MDF-corpus Standard- and Premium-option height-adjustable feet Standardversion Premiumversion standard playing-field standard bearings standard bar-set round handles bumpers without slide-ring Ullrich Soccer figure without weight premium playing-field changable bearings premium bar-set 10-edge-handles bumpers with slide-rings figure-set Soccer with weight Measure: Length: 142cm Width: 73,5 cm Height: 91-95 cm

Garlando Pro Champion ITSF
ITSF trainging- foosball table by Garlando - The Garlando Pro Champion The Garlando Pro Champion is the third foosball tournament table of the Garlando company and is characterized by a very fast and specific play. It is an official training table, which has a very high stability. This table is used at international tournaments ranked as Pro Tour. Details of the Garlando Pro Champion: Accepted and licensed from ITSF 16mm hollow rods made of steel, with anti-rust chrome plating 25mm wall thickness sandblasted playing field made of glass in tournament quality, absolutely straight rods with rubber bumpers Figures (red/blue) are directly cast onto the bars , for more stability (no rated break point) Goal counter (red/blue) with timeout marke 360° keeper ball ejection at the front side metal legs coated with anti-scratch silver powder vanish and height adjustable feet black plastic handle bars Measure: Length: 143cm Width: 125cm Height: 89-91cm In delivery: 10x standard ball 34mm, 22g Assembly instruction for the feet, bars and parts

€899.00* €959.00* (6.26% saved)