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Table tennis table Buffalo Nordic Indoor


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Steady indoor ping pong table

The Buffalo Nordic indoor ping pong table suits due to its construction and the used, non weather-proof, material ideal for an indoor utilization. The additional cross braces provide the needed weight and the needed steadiness. The table is easily foldable and can be stowed space-saving. The Nordic Outdoor has tournament measures and fits for pro-players and beginners. A professional net is included to the delivery.

Details of the Buffalo Nordic Indoor ping pong table:

  • indoor ping pong table
  • easily foldable
  • 4 double wheels
  • tournament measures
  • net included


Length: 274 cm
Width: 184 cm 
Height: 76 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Properties "Table tennis table Buffalo Nordic Indoor"
Product Details:
Place: Indoor
Playfield-Color: blue
Playfield thickness: 19 mm
Frame thickness: 36 mm
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concrete Ping-Pong table - rounded
Plate-Color: concrete
Outdoor table tennis made out of concrete This ping pong table is made out of concrete and suits for an outdoor utilization. The rounded corners provide additional security while running arround the table. The plate is made out of one piece and is very steady. Furthermore the concrete withstands all weather-conditions and is enforced with steel-inlayers. Furthermore the TÜV-Nord has GS-certified it. Detailes of the rounded corners ping-pong table: made from one piece rounded corners for outdoor utilization weatherproof enforced by a steel dual-layer 84mm thick playing-field GS-certified (TÜV-Nord) Measures: Length: 274cm Width: 152cm Height: 91cm Weight: 1360kg In the detail drawing you can find further information about the measures.

Buffalo Basic indoor table tennis table grey
The indoor table tennis table  The Buffalo basic indoor table tennis table is the perfect combination of sports and leisure. Due to the foldfunction the table can be stowed space-saving. Furthermore the Buffalo indoor ping pong table has tournament measures. Due to this it fits for hobby-players and pro's. Details: 4 mm thick chipboard tranings function interable white lines permanently mounted net and posts 25 mm diameter powder-vanished metal tube structure Bat and ball supports included four double wheels (125 mm diameter), two of which rotating at 360° 2 years guarantee against manufacture defects Measure:   opened: Length: 274 cm  Width: 152,5 cm Height: 76 cm  Folded: Height: 187 cm   Lenght: 152 cm / 184 cm (with net)   Width : 66,5 cm Weight: 70 kg

Cornilleau Pro Park outdoor table tennis plate
Steel table tennis plate with professional measure by Cornilleau The Pro Park is a stable outdoor table tennis plate by Cornilleau. It suits very good for schools, parks, campingsites, outdoor pools oder playgrounds. Due to the weatherproof material the Cornilleau Pro Park can be used outdoors the whole year. Furthermore it is shock-, fire- and grafiti-proof. The frame is 80mm thick and strenghened with a 9mm protection-layer. The softmat coating reduces the reflection of the sunlight on the playing-surface. The corners are rounded and prevent form injuries. The Cornilleau Pro Park outdoor table tennis comes with tournament measures. A metal-net is included in the delivery. Details of the Cornilleau Pro Park: outdoor table tennis plates softmat coated weatherproof, fire resistant, shock resistant, grafitti resistant withstands 1600kg tournament measure including steel-net EN 14468-1 10 years warranty Measure: Length: 274 cm Width: 152,5 cm Height: 76 cm Weight: 162 kg

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JOOLA Duomat Pro incl. Net
Playfield-Color: blue
Original tournament table tennis plate by JOOLA - the Duomat Licensed by the ITTF the tournament table tennis plate Duomat by JOOLA is suitable for intensive youth work or long training sessions. The Duomat is equipped with a 22mm plate. To increase the life period, this plate is framed by a 50mm metal-profile-frame. The by special method created polyester-coated playing-surface provides a very fast playing-experience. The subconstruction of the plate is built with powder-coated legs and four wheels for each half of the plate. The wheels are used for the transport-system which allows you to move the two parts of the plate individual. The Duomat is completely designed and manufactured in Germany and corresponds with the european standard EN 14468-1 A. Details of the JOOLA Duomat: competition-plate by JOOLA metal-profile-frame polyester-coated playing-surface Transport-system rugged, powder-coated metal-under-construction ITTF certified double anti-tilt-construction small parking area made in Germany corresponds with european standard EN 14468-1 A net included ​Measures: Length: 274cm Width: 152,5cm Height: 76cm Storage dimensions: 62cm x 166cm

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concrete Ping-Pong table - cornered
Plate-Color: concrete
Corndered concrete ping-pong table for play-grounds This cornered concrete ping-pong table is made out of one-piece and suits perfect for outdoor utilization. The concrete is additionally enforced with a double steel-inlayer. The concrete withstands all weather-conditions and guarantees fun years long. Furthermore the concrete table tennis tables are GS-certified by the TÜV-Nord. Details of the cornered concrete ping-pong table: made out of one piece enforced by double steel-inlayer weather-proof cornered 84mm thick playfield outdoor utilization Measure: Length: 274 cm Width: 152cm Height: 91cm Weight: 1362 kg You can get further information about the measure from the detail drawing.

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Sponeta Table Tennis Table Outdoor
TT-Version: S 1-42 e
The Sponeta table tennis table Outdoor - For all conditions the suitable table The Sponeta Outdoor Table Tennis Tables are all produced in Germany and convince by their excellent quality and perfect playing conditions. The high-quality coating of the melamine resin board guarantees an optimal ball bounce, which also gives professional table tennis players a great advantage. All models correspond to the official tournament dimensions of a length of 274 cm, width of 152.5 cm and a height of 76 cm and are delivered with a matching net. The tables differ essentially in the base frame, the folding mechanisms, the plate thickness and the weight. The highlight is the SMS locking system. The abbreviation stands for Smart Manual System, which lives up to its name and convinces with a smart mechanism. This enables the operator to set up and dismantle the table tennis table in a flash. Overview of the different models: Model Colour Melamine resin board Frame profile Accessory holder Locking Weight S 1-12 e / S 1-13 e Green / Blue 4 mm 36 mm with Hook 47,5 kg S 1-42 e / S 1-43 e Green / Blue 4 mm 36 mm with Twist handle 47,5 kg S 1-52 e / S 1-53 e Green / Blue 3,5 mm 36 mm without Screwed 43 kg S 1-72 e / S 1-73 e Green / Blue 4 mm 36 mm with SMS 48 kg S 2-72 e / S 2-73 e Green / Blue 4 mm 36 mm with SMS 51 kg S 3-46 e / S 3-47 e Green / Blue 5 mm 36 mm with Hook 53 kg S 3-72 e / S 3-73 e Green / Blue 5 mm 36 mm with SMS 54,5 kg S 3-80 e / S 3-87 e (black) Grey / Blue 4 mm 36 mm with SMS 59,5 kg S 3-80 e / S 3-87 e (white) Grey / Blue 4 mm 36 mm with SMS 59,5 kg S 4-70 e / S 4-72 e / S 4-73 e Grey / Green / Blue 5 mm 50 mm with SMS 59,5 kg S 5-70 e / S 5-72 e / S 5-73 e Grey / Green / Blue 6 mm 50 mm with SMS 70 kg S 6-66 e / 6-67 e Green / Blue 10 mm 50 mm without - 113 kg S 6-80 e / S 6-86 e / S 6-87 e  Grey / Green / Blue 10 mm 50 mm without - 123 kg

€399.00* €480.00* (16.88% saved)
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Dish Tennis table tennis table
Playfield-Color: blue
The Dish Tennis Table Tennis Table - The portable mini table The Dish table tennis table is a unique fun sports equipment, which convinces by its compact size and mobility. Due to the ingenious folding mechanism and the light weight, the table can be taken almost anywhere. The Dish needs little space, can be set up and taken down very quickly and also stowed away, which makes its field of application almost unlimited. Whether outdoors with the family, with colleagues in the office or at a good friend's party: the mini-top will delight everyone, young and old alike. The table tennis game celebrates a continuous success story based on its simplicity that moves the masses. Like the large format, this game provides variety, stimulates the circulation and promotes the motor skills of the players. The Dish Tennis Table is handmade by a master carpenter and is a perfect gift. With the choice of different colours, it will be appreciated by everyone and brings a smile to the players' faces. Details of the Dish Tennis Table: mini tennis table wood handwork diverse colors very good mobility sophisticated folding mechanism low weight space saving easy assembly and disassembly The measurements: Play size: 105 × 60 cm Playing height: 76 cm Travel size: 50 x 60 x 6 cm Weight: 7 kg

€269.00* €299.00* (10.03% saved)
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Cornilleau Pro 510M outdoor table tennis plate
Playfield-Color: blue
Professional table tennis plate by Cornilleau for outdoor utilization The table tennis plate Pro 510M by Cornilleau suits, due to the rugged material, perfect for a year-long outdoor-utilization. Due to this it suits perfect for campingsites, playgrounds, outdoor pools. The table can be screwed onto the surface due to an included anchor system. The screws are height-adjustable and provide a firm stance on any surface. The delivery includes a steel-net. The 6cm thick frame is strenghened with a 7mm melamin coating and which provides a very good playing-experience. The Pro 510M has tournament-measures and suits very good for trainings. Details of the Cornilleau Pro 510M: outdoor table tennis plates including surface-anchors softmat coated tournament measure including steel-net Measure: Length: 274cm Width: 152,5cm Height: 76cm

JOOLA Aluterna incl. net
Outdoor table tennis table from brand manufacturer JOOLA The brand new JOOLA Aluterna outdoor table tennis table offers exciting matches in your garden. This Joola table is the best choice for recreational/hobby players as well as public facilities, at an absolutely fair price. The 100% weatherproof table tennis table comes with a 6mm thick aluminum/plastic composite playing surface. The powder-coated leg construction offers height adjustment, anti-tilt as well as a firm stand. The foldable table is equipped with a transport system as well as 8 lockable transport wheels. In addition, the Aluterna Outdoor meets the European standard EN 14468-1 D for recreational sports. The legendary surface coating in the color blue guarantees an even ball bounce. Details of the JOOLA Aluterna Outdoor: outdoor table tennis table from JOOLA made of two parts 6 mm thick playing surface made of aluminum/plastic composite solo play possible weatherproof meets European standard EN 14468-1 D leisure sports edge protection anti-tip device transport system eight 15 cm transport wheels outdoor net included Dimensions: Length: 274 cm Width: 152,5 cm Height: 76 cm Storage: 65 x 160 cm Weight: 87,5 kg

€629.00* €659.00* (4.55% saved)
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Ping-Pong Cover
Color: Blau
Table tennis cover-plate for pool tables This 2-piece Ping-Pong cover turns your billiard table into a different sport in no time. Just apply, attach the supplied net - and you are ready to play. The pack contains a net, two Eco Star rackets and three balls. Suitable for all pool and billiard tables up to size 8ft. External dimensions: 274 x 152 cm Thickness: 17-18 mm Weight: 45 kg

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JOOLA Rollomat Pro incl. net
Playfield-Color: blue
Famous tournament-table-tennis-tabke by JOOLA - the Rollomat Pro The tournament table tennis plate Rollomat Pro by German manufacturer JOOLA has been one of the most famous models for the past decades and provides a perfect price-performance-ratio. The plate is 25 mm thick and framed by a metal-profile-frame. The playing-field is polyester-coated which provides a fast playing-experience. The leg-construction is equipped with a double anti-tilt-system as well as an automatic-system which enables the feet to autmatically unfold when you unfold the table. Furthermore the table can be stowed space-savingly and easily due to the transport-wheels. The Rollomat is 100% made in Germany and is ITTF licensed. In addition to that the plate corresponds to the european standard EN 14468-1 A. Due to the special construction it suits for handicaped-sports as well. Details of the JOOLA Rollomat Pro: competition-plate by JOOLA 50mm metal-profile-frame polyester-coated playing-surface automatic-system double anti-tilt-system one of the most selling tables of past decades rugged, powder-coated metal-under-construction ITTF certified made in Germany corresponds with european standard EN 14468-1 A suits for handicaped-sports as well net included ​Measures: Length: 274 cm Width: 152,5 cm Height: 76 cm

FAS ping pong table Grashopper
Grasshopper is a table tennis, characterized by a wooden finish of the playing field. The legs are agile and thin, the top is essential and clean, allowing the table to be used in different environments. The width of the table makes it suitable to welcome twelve people: therefore, it can easily perform as a dining table for the most convivial moments. Grasshopper defines a new concept of play where togetherness plays a central role. Structure – MetallicPlaying area – Regulatory mesures 274 x 152,5 cm wood thickness 25 mm Net weight – 100 Kg Height from the ground – 75 cm Use – Indoor  Accessories included - 2 rackets, 6 balls included Assembly - To be assembled