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Vector II


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Selected variant:Rods: Massive rods | Corpus color: Black

Foosball table with a perfect price-performance-ratio

The Vector II is a tournament foosball table and  is made in Germany. Its high-quality and long-lasting material as well as the very good playing experience make the Vector II the perfect alternative to the famous manufacturers. Due to the high weight (70kg) this table can be played not only by children and teenagers but adults as well. The Vector II foosballtable has a very good price-performance-ratio.

Details of the Vector II

  • corpus is made out of 27mm multiplex-board
  • surrounding PVC-edges protect from jars
  • grippy playfield made out of 19mm laminated board melamin-coated
  • seamless raised playfield-corners
  • white inside banks for more brightness
  • 16mm full metal bars
  • tournament PVC handels
  • tournament soccer figures
  • welded, anodized leg-framework with PVC-feet (optional shorted table legs)
  • unbreakable goal-insert
  • 2 balls included

The corpus is pre-assembled, only the legs, figures and bars have to be installed.

Length = 145 cm
Width = 74 cm (without bars)
ca. 130 cm (with bars)
Height = 91 cm

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Properties "Vector II"
Product Details:
Handle: long black
Rods: Massive rods
Ball entry: with ball entry
Corpus color: Black
corpus: assembled
Goal: silent goal
Figures: Soccer figure
Coin-op: Ohne
Playfield: resopalcovered playfield with seamlessly pulled up corners
Suitable for: Teenager and adults
Weight: 70 kg
Cover plate: without glas cover
Tischbeine: normal
Bearing: standard bearings
Bumper: bumper without slide-ring
playing-field color: green
playing-field markings: with
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