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Table Soccer App is a free smartphone app available on iOS and Android app that has been recently released. 

It aims to unite all the world’s foosball places under one roof and in addition to give a space to all foosball identities (shops, event organisers, table manufacturers, promoters) to exist alongside locations with foosball tables and promote their services. The way they do this is by allowing anyone to add their own places or profiles to the app and manage them.

The app’s main features revolve around finding places and events where to play foosball in specific locations from all over the world, locations that have been previously added or created by users. New locations are constantly being added, so if you don’t find your home city immediately don’t threat it’s a matter of time till it gets on the foosball map or you can be the first to add a place in that city. All the places can also be viewed on an interactive world map that can be zoomed and panned for better inspection of any region in the world.

To stay up to date you can follow your preferred places and profiles to receive notifications when they host tournaments or events, set up reminders for tournaments and events and create personal collections with the profiles you find. When travelling abroad it gives you a great feature for saving a place for offline which stores basic information in your smartphone so you can have access to it even when you don’t have access to the internet. Do note that the interaction in offline mode is much more limited than in the usual interaction, do not expect navigation features but you will have access to the places’ address and general information. Same feature is available for events as well.

The most important aspect of the app is that it’s content is actually community driven, meaning that people who use the app have the possibility of adding new places and events and then to manage and customise those profiles. This is achieved through the “ADD A PLACE” feature in the app. Users can contribute to both the local foosball community and the international foosball community. Subsequently for people interested in growing their community they also offer the possibility of becoming Area Manager, which allows a user to manage multiple profiles and have access to advanced features in the admin panel, making it a powerful tool for anyone who’s promoting foosball in any way especially at a local level.

All of these are free of charge and it only takes the a little bit of the user’s initiative. Berlin is one of the best represented cities in the app with more than 60 places added and event organisers that constantly run tournaments. So if you check out the Berlin page you’ll find plenty of activity and places to choose from.

The Table Soccer App aims to address all types and all levels of foosball which doesn’t make it an app just for pro players. As they also try to communicate in the promo video which has 2 parts. The first part is played by an actor who resembles a foosball enthusiast who goes to play at the local foosball place after working hours which he found in the app and the second part is hinting at a pro player who attains a tournament she found through the app. In the near future this app will grow not only to have more content and covering more corners of the world but it will also have more features which aim to produce an easier experience, improve the local communication and community development.

We’re looking forward for greater things to come from this project.

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