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Bearing key Tornado


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Original bearing-key for Tornado foosball-tables

You are able to set the bearings of the Tornado foosball table with this original Tornado bearing key. This key is pulled from the outside over the bar till the bearing and tightens or releases the bearing according to the direction.


Weight : 50g

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Tornado bearing
Rugged slide bearing for Tornado foosball tables Tornado slide bearing is composed of the nut and both bearing cups for 15,9mm Tornado hollow bars. All three necessary parts are in delivery. The bearing is extremly robust and stands even rough play. Measure of the Tornado bearing: Ø Inside = 16,15 mm Ø bore hole = 39,2 mm

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Tornado handle bar
The official Tornado foosball handle made from wood - for all Tornado models Compared to other wooden handle bars, this one is not coated, this one is open-pored, so that the hand perspiration can be absorbed. The Tornado handle as well as the Tornado figure is bolted onto the bar, which ensures optimal grip. Measure: Length = 125 mm Ø = 35 mm Weight = 55 g

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Tornado ITSF rubber handle bar
New Tornado ITSF handle made from plastic with a rubber coating This plastic handle bar with big diameter is used on every new Tornado foosball table. Compared to the old wooden Tornado handle bar, this one is more catchy, based on new rubber coating. The shape of the handle bar is exactly the same of the old one. To install the handle bar, you need a special bolt, which is responsible for the tight hub. Measure of the Tornado ITSF handle: Length = 124 mm Ø = 35 mm Weight = 86 g

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Tornado figure
Official Tornado tournament foosball figure The fancy and distinctive design is feature of the Tornado figure. You can easily play Tic Tac between the figures due to the wide side profiles. The figures are tightened with a special bolt, so that the figures cannot shake around. Measure of the Tornado Figure: Height= 107 mm Middle of rod till foot = 72 mm Ø for the rod = 16 mm Weight= 66 g You will find the adapted screws here.