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Slide Bearing Leonhart


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High-quality slide-bearing for foosball tables by manufacturer Leonhart

This foosball bearing for all Leonhart- and Löwen-Tables is made of high class nylon. It is often used for changeovers from ball bearings to professionel bearings, because it is easy to mount, no matter which size the wall thickness of the table is. Besides, you also need a bearing rosette, which you can also find in this  category.

Ø Inside = 16,3 mm
Ø Flange = 27,5 mm
Ø Outside = 58 mm
Depth = 13 mm
Weight = 12,5 g

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Countersunk screw for bearings
Countersunk screw to set bearings This countersunk screw is tightened with a Torx-Bit and provides perfect hold for bearings and due to this for the bars as well. It is yellow-galvanised and suits for the 3-hole slide bearing, the 4-hole slide bearing and the Leonhart slide bearing. Measure: Diameter: 3,5mm Length: 20mm

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Bearing rosette Leonhart
Bearing rosette for Leonhart foosball tables The Leonhart bearing rosette serves as stop face of the rubber bump, so that the bar cannot go over the end. Furthermore, it is a optical dressing for the bearing holes and prevents a little bit from dust. This product is an original part from the firm Leonhart. It suits for the Leonhart slide-bearing. Measure: Ø Inside = 22 mm Ø Outside = 52 mm Thickness = 2 mm Weight = 3,8 g