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Leo Sport ITSF


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Selected variant:Corpus color: Green | Front-color: black (standard) | goal construction: flat goal | Goal: loud goal | Bearing: standard bearings | rod protection: without | Extras: no

ITSF foosball table by Leonhart

After long waiting the Leonhart company presents its new ITSF-Tournament table, the alternative to TecBall. There are some modifications compared to the older Leonhart tables.
New, thinner handles allow very good ball control. The balls won't slip sideways through keeper and post because of the keeper standing exactly on the line. The new bumpers are much more robust because of the nylon rings and enhance the stability. There is a plastic-flap in the goals to avoid, that the balls jump out after a shot. For the best goal-sound, you can choose these in three different versions: quiet, middle and loud. The two Corpus part is bond with the new "Centro-Star-Fix"-bonding system,so that there is no remarkable difference to an one-piece corpus.

This table comes with many new innovations. The established Leonhart-Quality guarantees the fun of the game and the sports. This Homeversion serves comparable playing characteristics and high quality like the big brothers "Tournament" and "Professional".

The selected figure colours can be added to the commentary at the check-out.


Details of the Leonhart Sport ITSF:

  • Goal after DTFB-Norm (keeper on the line)
  • with or without Transparent goal
  • Metal legs are height adjustable
  • new Leo Pro figure (colour can be chosen in commentary box)
  • balanced Leo Pro figures for extra charge
  • One-piece corpus
  • Bumper with slide ring
  • PowerForce hollow bars
  • modified PowerForce hollow bars for extra charge available (in variation with changable bearings included)
  • massive construction
  • Base colours: Green, Red or Blue
  • wood look decors such as oak, beech, burl wood, mahogany and ice birch on request
  • incl. 4 tournament balls

This Leonhart Sport with see through goal table can be played on Pro Tour ITSF tournaments.


Höhe: 92cm
Breite: 74cm
Länge: 143cm

Properties "Leo Sport ITSF"
Rods: hollow bar
Ball entry: with ball entry
Corpus color: Green
Goal: loud goal
Figures: Leo Pro Standard
Front-color: black (standard)
goal construction: flat goal
Coin-op: Ohne
Playfield: resopalcovered playfield with seamlessly pulled up corners
Suitable for: Teenager and adults
rod protection: without
Extras: no
Weight: 80 kg
Cover plate: without glas cover
Bearing: standard bearings
Bumper: bumper with slide-ring
playing-field color: green
playing-field markings: with
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