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New Leo ITSF Ball


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Selected variant:Set: 5 Stück

The Leo ITSF-foosball-ball

The new ITSF-Ball from Germany is produced by the firm Leonhart. Not only Pullshot-players like this ball because of the exact running performance, the superior weight and the better durability. Altogether a little bit slicker, but much more specific than the old soccerball. The ball is played on professionell tables of the brand Leonhart.

Properties "New Leo ITSF Ball"
Roughness: good grip
Set: 5 Stück
Loudness: Loud
Running performance: completely round
Diameter: 35 mm
Duration: long
Weight: 27 g
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Standard foosball ball by manufacturer Leonhart The original Leonhart Soccer foosball ball is the classic among the balls and is used on every kind of foosball table. It's characterized by the good grip and the specific play, so that it supports every popular shooting technique on the foosball table.

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Leo Pro figure
The new Leo Pro foigure with ITSF-license - New foot The Leo Pro figure is the newest one from the firm Leonhart and is used on the new Leo Pro Tables since 2022. It is a further development of the Soccer Figur from Leonhart. The new wide and fine chequered foot-profile makes it easy to clamp (Pin Shot) and supports a specific game. Measure: Height= 113mm Middle of rod till foot= 73 mm Foot breadth= 22 mm Weight= 44g

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Leo tictac Bang Figure
The new figure by Leonhart Leonhart offers with the tictac Bang figure a completely new kind of foosball figure. A perfect counterbalanced figure with a new feet-shape which allows easily to pin the ball and furthermore very fast tictac between the figures. This new foosball figure is the perfect combination of controlled pinning the ball and fast american playing style. Leonhart's tictac figure is played on the new Leonhart Bang foosball table and can be ordered to all Leonhart tables with high goals.  Details of the tictac Bang figure: counterbalanced Foosball figure, made of plastic new feet-shape very solid Measures: Height: 116mm Middle of rod till foot: 75mm Foot breadth: 22mm Weigth: 54g

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Soccer figure
DTFB-licensed Soccer Figure for many foosball tables The wide and fine formed foot of the Soccer Figure makes it easy to pin the ball and supports a specific game. This figure is a very good alternative and barely different to the trade mark figures. Furthermore it is used on the Vector foosball tables and is officially licensed by the DTFB. Measure of the Soccer figure: Height: 113 mm Rod-middle to footend: 72 mm Ø rods: 16 mm Weight: 46 g