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Lettner Evolution XXL (8 players)


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Selected variant:Ball entry: with ball entry | Goal: loud goal | Figures: Lettner Soccer

High-quality foosball table for your event

Based on the known foosball labels and in cooperation with high-class players, they developed the Lettner Evolution XXL foosball table without the defects of the competitors, so that a game on highest level is guaranteed. The manufacturer Lettner managed to develope a high-class tournament table for 8 players with a nice design. This table is not only suitable for tournaments, but also for your office or your event.

Details of the Lettner Evolution XXL

  • for 8 players
  • Ball ejection on both sides to the right
  • L4 Hollow bars
  • handle bars made of plastics
  • L4 Soccerfigures with 2 years breaking-guarantee
  • L4 Nylon slide bearings
  • All-in-One rubber bumper with long durability
  • Corpus completey dowelled and glued
  • Tournament norm: goal width 20,5cm
  • seamless lifted corners and banks
  • stable and height adjustable legs


  • color-decor (all-over special color)
  • branding (all-over with you CI or logo)


Length : 269cm
Width : 74cm

Height : 93cm

Weight : 200kg

Playingfield : 68,5×242cm

Properties "Lettner Evolution XXL (8 players)"
Ball entry: with
Goal: loud goal
Figures: Soccer
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The new balanced Lettner figure impresses with its great playing. In cooperation with Ulmer Zentrum für wissenschaftliches Rechnen UZWR and College for Design a completely new figure was made. A very high class figure for a top prize with a lot faster passes and shots, it will be played at Challenger Tournaments, the Bundesliga and DTFB DM. This figure guarantees big joy on Lettner Tables, but also fits to all 16mm rods. balanced Soccer figure fits to all 16mm rods custom-fit (easily to push onto the rods) break-and impact-proof (vendor warranty) food-safe and recycable plastics The figure can be printed e.g. with your company logo, player names etc. Measure: Height= 114mm Middle of rod till foot= 72 mm Foot breadth= 22 mm Weight= 41g