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Ullrich Compact


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The Ullrich Compact - Foldable and flexible

In the search for a mobile table soccer table with high quality there is hardly any way around the Ullrich Compact. The foosball table inspires with its ingenious construction, which allows the table to be folded up in a flash to save space or to make it ready for transport. The crux of the foldable foosball tables is the substructure, which on the one hand should be foldable for easy handling, but on the other hand must also provide a certain stability. The manufacturer Ullrich has mastered this challenge brilliantly by installing stabilizing cross braces between the swivelling and height-adjustable table legs. In order to make the play equipment even more handy, the well-known Ullrich change bearings are installed here, which enable the removal of the play rods in no time at all. If the rods and the table legs are stored in the body, only the metal goals have to be folded down and only a cuboid box remains which is very space-saving and handy due to the transport wheels. In addition to the tool-free assembly and disassembly, the Compact is also impressive due to its extremely good playing characteristics. The proven playing field combined with the Ullrich playing figures provide an excellent playing experience that leaves nothing to be desired for the hobby player. The workmanship and choice of materials are also impressive. Metal goal boxes and Ullrich-Pro buffers are just as impressive as the high manufacturing quality "Made in Germany" and the use of multiplex wood.

Details of the Ullrich Compact:

  • high manufacturing quality "Made in Germany"
  • foldable goals and legs
  • height adjustable feet
  • goal boxes made of metal
  • multiplex wood
  • exchange bearing
  • bars stowable in the body
  • assembly and disassembly without tools
  • transport rollers
  • Ullrich-Pro buffer
  • table is pre-assembled
  • handy, mobile and flexible
  • Ullrich standard hollow bars (upgrade premium +75,00€)
  • Ullrich standard playing field (upgrade premium +109,00€)
  • Ullrich standard playing figures (upgrade premium + 25,00€)

The dimensions:

Length: 128 cm
Width: 73,5 cm
Height: 93 cm (Folded: 31,5 cm)
Weight: 65 kg

Properties "Ullrich Compact"
Product Details:
Handle: round black
Rods: hollow bar
Ball entry: without ball entry
Corpus color: White
corpus: assembled
Goal: metal goal
Figures: Ullrich Soccer
Coin-op: Ohne
Playfield: resopalcovered playfield with seamlessly pulled up corners
Suitable for: Teenager and adults
Weight: 65 kg
Bearing: changable bearings
Bumper: bumper with slide-ring
playing-field color: green
playing-field markings: with
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