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Leo Tournament ITSF


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Selected variant:Corpus color: Green | Front-color: black (standard) | goal construction: hohes Tor | Goal: silent goal | rod protection: Metall | Bearing: changable bearings | Extras: rods pre-assembled

Leo Tournament - the pro-training-foosball table

You bring home the trophy, we supply the right table. Only the correct preparation helps to stay at the top! The game is easy with the new foosball table Leo Tournament. This is not only the most widely used tournament table in Germany and worldwide, but is also used to train top pros. Ideal for training sessions as near as possible to real competition conditions. The scratch-resistant pitch on leo_pro-tables has raised corners. The sides are laminate and moisture-resistant. Speed and grip are optimized with the best materials: proven quality since 1949.  The selected figure colours can be added to the commentary at the check-out.


Details of the Leo Tournament:


External dimensions: 143 x 74 cm 
Pitch dimensions: 111.3 x 68 cm 
Cabinet sidewall thickness: 31.5 mm 
Cabinet height: 92 cm 

Comparison of leo_pro-sport and leo_tournament:


- DTFB partner table - DTFB partner table
- itsf official training table (link) - itsf official tournament table (link)
- hollow bars - tournament rods
- standard bumper - bumpers with integrated pads
- standard players - counter-balanced players (head)
- weight: 80 kg - weight: 110 kg
- standard counter - with score counters
  - improved goal sound plate
Properties "Leo Tournament ITSF"
Product Details:
Rods: Tournament Rods
Version: ITSF lizensiert
Ball entry: with ball entry
Corpus color: Green
Goal: silent goal
Figures: Leo Pro counterbalanced
Front-color: black (standard)
goal construction: see-through goal (ITSF)
Coin-op: Ohne
Playfield: resopalcovered playfield with seamlessly pulled up corners
Suitable for: Teenager and adults
rod protection: made of metal
Extras: rods pre-assembled
Weight: 110 kg
Cover plate: without glas cover
Bearing: changable bearings
Bumper: bumper with slide-ring
playing-field color: green
playing-field markings: with
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The Leo ITSF-foosball-ball The new ITSF-Ball from Germany is produced by the firm Leonhart. Not only Pullshot-players like this ball because of the exact running performance, the superior weight and the better durability. Altogether a little bit slicker, but much more specific than the old soccerball. The ball is played on professionell tables of the brand Leonhart.

leo_arena foosball lamp
The transportable foosball lamp The leo_arena foosball lamp can be installed on every established foosball table. Due to the 120 high-quality LED-lights every corner of the playfield is enlightened. A development of heat is impossible. This lamp-construction not only very light (only 750g) but is foldable and can be stored space-saving easily. The lamp is installed on the table due to a between goal and scoring unit fixed magnet. The lamp can be delivered optionally with a rechargable battery. Measure of the leo_arena: Weight: 750g 120 LEDs (12V, 10 Watt)

Rugged foosball lamp for pros The new LED foosball lamp Kickerlight fits onto a lot of different foosball-modells such as: Leonhart, Garlando, Lettner, Ullirch, Bonzini or Vector tables and enlightens those perfectly. The lamp can be assambled without any glue or drilling. The light of the LEDs ensures the concentration and the provides a shadow-free enlightment of the table. Details of the LED-foosball lamp Kickerlight: ultra-slim design steady construction perfect enlightment of the table energy-saving LEDs free view onto the playing-surface and the opponent individual assambly for each table-model Measures: Power: ca. 12 W working voltage LEDs: 12V DC LED per Meter: 120 pcs Lightcolor: 6000k Weight: ca. 1,8kg Energy-efficiancy: A+ Color: anthracite including: power cable (230V)

Leonhart Soccer ball
Standard foosball ball by manufacturer Leonhart The original Leonhart Soccer foosball ball is the classic among the balls and is used on every kind of foosball table. It's characterized by the good grip and the specific play, so that it supports every popular shooting technique on the foosball table.


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Vector II
Rods: Massive rods | Corpus color: Black
Foosball table with a perfect price-performance-ratio The Vector II is a tournament foosball table and  is made in Germany. Its high-quality and long-lasting material as well as the very good playing experience make the Vector II the perfect alternative to the famous manufacturers. Due to the high weight (70kg) this table can be played not only by children and teenagers but adults as well. The Vector II foosballtable has a very good price-performance-ratio. Details of the Vector II corpus is made out of 27mm multiplex-board surrounding PVC-edges protect from jars grippy playfield made out of 19mm laminated board melamin-coated seamless raised playfield-corners white inside banks for more brightness 16mm full metal bars tournament PVC handels tournament soccer figures welded, anodized leg-framework with PVC-feet (optional shorted table legs) unbreakable goal-insert 2 balls included The corpus is pre-assembled, only the legs, figures and bars have to be installed. Measure: Length = 145 cm Width = 74 cm (without bars) ca. 130 cm (with bars) Height = 91 cm  

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Garlando G-500 Evolution
Rods: Hollow bars PR
Garlando G-500 Evolution - home-foosball table for pros The Garlando G-500 Evolution ss a top-selling Garlando table because of its good cost/performance ratio. The Evolution model offers a special hightec-look and height adjustable legs. The solid construction makes a high stability and brilliant playing possible. This table is perfect for youth centres, schools or clubs. Details des G-500 Evolution: Corpus made of MDF with laminate coating (25mm wall thickness) Colour of body housing black with silver writing Foursquare metal feet with scratch-proof coating Ball bearings Figures are directly cast onto the bars (no rated break point) Figures grey/black Ball throw-in on both sides 360° keeper ergonomic black plastic handle bars Ball ejection behind the goals 10 balls included Measure: Length: 143cm WIdth: 125cm (incl. Rods) Height: 88cm Playing field: 120x70,5cm

€771.00* €829.00* (7% saved)
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Ullrich Home
Version: standard version | Corpus color: White | corpus: construction-kit
Simple training foosball table by manufacturer Ullrich Sport - the Ullrich Home The Home foosball-table by manufacturer Ullrich Sport is a foosball training-table for teenagers and adults which suits perfect for training-purposes. The durable MDF-corpus provides good toughness and the height-adjustable feet provide a firm stance on any surface. Furthermore the Home is equipped with two ball-returns and two ball-throw-in-shells. The Ullrich Home is available as Standard- and Premium-Version. The table below shows the differences. Details of the Ullrich Home: training-foosball table by Ullrich Sport two ball-returns two ball-throw-ins MDF-corpus Standard- and Premium-option height-adjustable feet Standardversion Premiumversion standard playing-field standard bearings standard bar-set round handles bumpers without slide-ring Ullrich Soccer figure without weight premium playing-field changable bearings premium bar-set 10-edge-handles bumpers with slide-rings figure-set Soccer with weight Measure: Length: 142cm Width: 73,5 cm Height: 91-95 cm

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Garlando G-500 Black Edition
Rods: Hollow Bars
Garlando G-500 Black Edition - exclusively at Kickerkult The Garlando G-500 Black Edition is a special version of the top-selling Garlando  G-500 table. The Black Edition model offers a special laminate playfield with seamlessly lifted corners and height adjustable legs. The solid construction makes a high stability and brilliant playing possible. This G-500 black edition table is perfect for youth centres, schools or clubs as well as for your home.  Details des G-500 Black Edition: Corpus made of MDF with laminate coating (25mm wall thickness) Colour of body and table legs in black Foursquare metal feet with scratch-proof coating Ball bearings Figures are directly cast onto the bars (no rated break point) Figures white/black Ball throw-in on both sides 360° keeper ergonomic black plastic handle bars Ball ejection behind the goals 10 balls included Measure: Length: 143 cm Width: 125 cm (incl. Rods) Height: 88 cm Playing field: 120x70,5 cm

€849.00* €899.00* (5.56% saved)
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Garlando Master Class EVO Indoor
Rods: Hollow bars PR
Rugged foosball table for indoor-usage by Garlando - the Master Class EVO indoor The Garlando Master Class EVO indoor is a foosball table, perfectly suiting for schools, youth-clubs or sports-clubs. The corpus is made from MDF (25mm) and provides high toughness due to the melamin-coating. The insensitive decor (black/silver) is equipped with aluminium-edges. The glass-cover-plate is made from security-glass and forms, together with the ball-security-system a cohesive ball-circular-system. Due to this the balls can not be stolen or list. The laminat-playing-surface is equipped with white superimposed banks. The height-adjustable feet provide an optimal stance, even on tilted floors. The rugged 16mm bars run through ball-bearings and are equipped with ergonomic handles. The goalie is 360° rotatable. The Master Class EVO indoor is available with hollow- and telescope-bars. Details of the Master Class EVO indoor: Master Class EVO indoor foosball table by Garlando melamin-coated MDF-corpus (25mm) aluminium-edges playing-surface made from laminat with superimposed banks 16mm bars ball-bearings goalie 360° rotatable cohesive ball-circular-system due to cover-plate and ball-security-system alternative with shortened legs available (addional 100,00€, table height 75 cm) optional: transport wheels (additional 229,00€) Measure: Length: 144cm Width: 125cm Height: 93,5-96,5cm Playing-surface: 120 x 70cm In delivery: 10 white Nylon-balls assembly instruction

€941.00* €999.00* (5.81% saved)
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Vector III
Corpus color: White
Vector 3 foosball table with 125kg! The Vector III tournament foosball table is produced in Germany and provides high-quality material as well as a very good playing-experience. Its high weight (125kg) suits very good for an intense utilization of ambitious players. The Vector III has a very good price-performance-ratio and is 100% made in Germany! Details of the Vector 3: corpus is made out of 27mm multiplex-board corpus is strenghened with additional weight surrounding PVC-edges provide additional security grippy playfield made out of 19mm laminate, melamine-coated seamless lifted corners white inside-banks for more brightness welded metal leg-construction (optinal shorted table legs) height-adjustable feed 16mm Contus hollow bars Contus bearings Contus JetSpin handles original soccer figures 2 contus joker balls included The corpus is pre-assembled. Only the legs, figures and bars have to be installed. Optional: 3rd ball ejection shorted table legs Figure colors (blue, red, black, white, green, orange, grey) branding Measure: Length: 145 cm Width: 74 cm (without bars) ca. 130 cm (with bars) Height: 91 cm Playfield: 120 x 69 cm

Many variants
Ullrich Sport
Version: standard version | corpus: construction-kit
Stable foosball table made in Germany - the Ullrich Sport The Ullrich Sport is a high-quality foosball table by the same name manufacturer from Germany. Due to the high weight (105kg) and the height-adjustable feet the Ullrich Sport provides a firm stance. It is equipped with two ball-returns, two ball-throw-ins as well as manual scoring-units. The Ullrich Sport is avaialble as standard- or premium-version. The premium-version provides a very good playing-experience, close to the Ullrich P4P Tournament. Because of that this version is a good practice-table. The differences can be seen in the following table. Furthermore the Ullrich Sport can be delivered as construction-kit or pre-assembled. Standardversion Premiumversion standard playing-field standard bearing standard bars round handles bumper without slide-ring Ullrich Soccer figure without weight premium playing-field changable bearings premium bars 10-edge handles bumper with slide-ring Ullrich Soccer figure with weight Details of the Ullrich Sport: high-quality training-table by Ullrich Sport MDF corpus with white coating high weight two ball-returns two ball-throw-in-shells manual scoring units standard- or premium-version Measure: Length: 144cm Width: 74cm Height: 93cm

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Vector Inox
Model: Vector Inox 2
Outdoor foosball table for the whole year! This foosball table is made in Germany and suits very good for an outdoor usage. The Vector Inox brings a high-quality training experience and long-living material. The high weight suits very good for adults, children and teens. Due to the water and weather-proof material the Vector Inox suits perfectly for an outdoor utilization. All sparepars are made out of material which was originally used in shipbuilding. Details of the Vector Inox: corpus made out of 27mm multiplex-plate surrounding PVC-edges  grippy playing-field seamless raised corners undestroyable goal 16mm Contus L4 hollow bars weather-proof tarpaulin welded, anodized leg-construction (optional shorted legs) 2 balls included figure Johnny (colors: red, yellow, deep blue, white) For more information please read our blog.  The corpus is pre-assembled, only the legs, figures and bars have to be mounted. Measure: Length = 145 cm Width = 74 cm (without bars) ca. 130 cm (with bars) Height = 91 cm

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Garlando Master-Cup with coin-op
Rods: Massive rods
Coin-op foosball table for public facilities Highly scratch-resistant surface of the Garlando Master-Cup foosball table with additional aluminum protective strips on the upper edges to ensure the durability even in the toughest conditions. The stable legs can be adjusted perfectly with the leveling feet. Details of the Garlando Master-Cup: solid construction hard, chromed solid rods laminated playfield moisture resistant handles ball bearings central ball outtake leg levelers Mechanical coin operating system: 1 game = 50 cent (other options available per request) Measures: Lenght: 144cm Width: 76m Height: 89cm

Many variants
Garlando Olympic Silver
Rods: Hollow bars PR
Foosball table with safety glass cover and coin-op Table body made of 30mm thick multilayer laminated plates with plastic coated surface, also has a safety glass cover. This reduces the noise and keeps the inside clean. The Garlando Olympic Silver is equipped with a mechanical coin slot (Optional 0.20 EUR / 0,50 EUR / 1,00 EUR / chip). Effortless and easy access to the interior body. Details of the Olympic Silver: solid construction hard, chromed hollow rods laminated playfield (transparent or sandblasted playfield +89,00€) moisture resistant handles central ball outtake 10 balls included Measures: Lenght: 156cm Width: 125m Height: 92cm

€1,671.00* €1,729.00* (3.35% saved)
Many variants
Leo Sport ITSF
Corpus color: Green | Goal: loud goal | Front-color: black (standard) | goal construction: flat goal | rod protection: without | Extras: no | Bearing: standard bearings
ITSF foosball table by Leonhart After long waiting the Leonhart company presents its new ITSF-Tournament table, the alternative to TecBall. There are some modifications compared to the older Leonhart tables. New, thinner handles allow very good ball control. The balls won't slip sideways through keeper and post because of the keeper standing exactly on the line. The new bumpers are much more robust because of the nylon rings and enhance the stability. There is a plastic-flap in the goals to avoid, that the balls jump out after a shot. For the best goal-sound, you can choose these in three different versions: quiet, middle and loud. The two Corpus part is bond with the new "Centro-Star-Fix"-bonding system,so that there is no remarkable difference to an one-piece corpus. This table comes with many new innovations. The established Leonhart-Quality guarantees the fun of the game and the sports. This Homeversion serves comparable playing characteristics and high quality like the big brothers "Tournament" and "Professional". The selected figure colours can be added to the commentary at the check-out. Details of the Leonhart Sport ITSF: Goal after DTFB-Norm (keeper on the line) with or without Transparent goal Metal legs are height adjustable new Leo Pro figure (colour can be chosen in commentary box) balanced Leo Pro figures for extra charge One-piece corpus Bumper with slide ring PowerForce hollow bars modified PowerForce hollow bars for extra charge available (in variation with changable bearings included) massive construction Base colours: Green, Red or Blue wood look decors such as oak, beech, burl wood, mahogany and ice birch on request incl. 4 tournament balls This Leonhart Sport with see through goal table can be played on Pro Tour ITSF tournaments. Measure: Höhe: 92cm Breite: 74cm Länge: 143cm

Many variants
Leonhart foosball table with branding
Goal: loud goal | Model: Leo.Soccer.Sport | Extras: no
Represent your company with a branded foosball table from Leonhart. Whether with a logo or an all-over 4-C print, the Leonhart foosball table suits very well for your companies break room. It can be used very efectively for employee-motivation or for fairs or events to generate customers. Stay in mind of your customers easily with a high-class foosball table. Not only the head-side and long-side but the figure-color can be designed individually. The selected figure colours can be added to the commentary at the check-out. Leonhart foosball tables: Leo.Soccer.Sport/S4P Sport Edition, low goal, hollow bar, 80kg Leo Sport, high goal, hollow bar, 80kg Leo Pro Tournament, high goal, tournament bar, 110kg Leo Professional, high goal, tournament bar, coin-op, 120kg Leo.Soccer.Tournament, low goal, tournament barm 110kg Leo.Soccer.Professional, low goal, tournament bar, coin-op, 120kg Including the price is the foil-application. Printable data has to be provided by the customer. For further questions you can contact us by e-mail or telephone. suits very good for fairs and events to generate new customers with a foosball table you can offer your employees an exciting