Adjusting rings

Adjusting rings

Adjusting rings

Adjustment rings for the goalie-rod of a foosball table

The adjustment rings are mounted onto the goali-rod and are needed so that the goalie can not stand next to the goal. 

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Product no.: 1400

This adjusting ring is suitable for all foosball tables with 16mm solid or hollow rods and is mounted on the goalie rod.

1.41 *

Delivery time 3 days

Product no.: 2690

The Leonhart adjusting ring for all 16mm bars prevents the goal-keeper from going next to the goal.

2.14 *
Product no.: 3610

The Lettner adjusting ring makes sure that the goalkeeper can not go past the goal. It fits for all 16mm rods.

1.90 *

Delivery time 3 days

Product no.: 9020

The white PVC adjusting ring suits for all 16mm rods and is delivered with the fitting screw and nut.

0.80 *

Delivery time 1 days

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